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    Default Error Code 0x30000030(805306416)

    Anybody here having this problem,if you do,do you know how to fix it?

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    Default Re: Error Code 0x30000030(805306416)

    I think i was having that error a few days ago.
    With the last maintenance, something happened with my Internet Explorer's configuration, so IE was 'working without connection'(sorry i cant tell you the exact words cz my pc is in spanish). This caused Hackshield to have issues loading, so i couldnt play MS.
    I just changed configurations on IE.

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    Default Re: Error Code 0x30000030(805306416)

    Try this:
    Attention Maplers,

    We have received numerous reports from players having difficulties starting MapleStory. While we posted a solution yesterday, it was able to provide relief for some players but not for others. We have identified another resolution for the game not loading so please follow the directions below.

    Before you begin:
    1. Be sure MapleStory is not running.
    2. Download and save HShield.zip file located
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    Prepare the fix:
    3. Open the MapleStory game folder typically located CNexon\MapleStory.
    4. Find the folder HShield and delete it.

    Apply the fix:
    5. Open the HShield.zip and extract the folder HShield.
    6. Place the extracted folder in the MapleStory game folder.
    7. Start MapleStory normally.

    If this solution does not fix your game issues with v.91 please describe it thoroughly here on our forums.

    Thank you and we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

    The MapleStory team

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    Default Re: Error Code 0x30000030(805306416)

    Try this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Enselus
    1.- Click "Start"
    2.- Click "Run"
    3.- Type "Cmd" and press enter
    4.- Type in the black window "netsh winsock reset"
    5.- You should get a message asking you to reboot
    6.- Do it lol
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    Default Re: Error Code 0x30000030(805306416)

    Quote Originally Posted by Vu
    Try going to c: \windows\system32\drivers\etc. Open the hosts file with notepad and remove any lines with nexon in it.
    Try that ^^
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