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    Default MapleStory Job Advancement Guide - [Resistance]

    This guide was created in order to help you job advance. [for da nobz]


    MapleStory Resistance

    are a class of pirate that are part of The Resistance. They do not use bullets, meaning they do not need to recharge. Mechanics rely heavily on their summons, and their main attack source, the machine "mount" skill they get in the first job In KMST (Korea MapleStory Test Server, Tespia in GMS), The Resistance gets 5 skill points during their first job advancement at level 10, so all skills are maxed. Unfortunately they will be nerfed in the chaos patch.

    Wild Hunter is a class that is part of the Resistance. They are Bowmen that are able to move quickly and attack fast while riding a Jaguar. This hunter uses different skills from Bowmaster and Crossbowmaster. This job can only use crossbows.

    Battle Mage is a class that solely uses staffs to attack, and is short-ranged. Battle Mages use a series of powerful attacks which are often good for mobbing. They also use many 'aura' buffs to raise the stats of themselves and their party in many ways. Since they are made in the town of Edelstein which is controlled by the Black Mage. They themselves have dark power hence dark lightning, dark genesis, etc.

    Job Advancement : The Resistance

    First job : Assuming you already know how to job advance, I will not quarry myself.

    Second job : So your level 30, it's time for your job advancement. Where do I go now?
    Go to Edelstein, don't remember how to get there? Go to Port Road and climb the ropes to reach the top. Edelstein will be the furthest to the top. Once you're in Edelstein, go to your job instructor, talk to him and accept the quest that is bolded in red : [Job Adv.]
    When you're done talking to him/her, head outside and go to the airport that you used to arrived at. There will now be an NPC there, he's in a black suit, the guy that kidnapped your friend at the beginning. Let's fuck him up. Go over, click on him. Skip what he says, and just keep pressing enter. After the shitload of things he has to say, it's finally time for you to slaughter him. He will now be able to attack you, and you are now able to attack him.
    After killing him, go back to your job instructor and talk to him, you will now advance.

    Third job: You have reached level 70 and you now qualify for your next job. Upon reaching level 70, you will be given a quest called [Job Adv.] Special training trip.
    Click on the light bulb on top of your character and accept the quest. Go to your job instructor (Edelstein) and finish the quest. Simply enough you will have to accept his next quest. To be able to enter Verne Mine you will require a Black Wing Hat. Look on your World Map and find the map that is called "Dry Road: Road to the mine 1". When arriving there go to the furthest right of the top corner and you will see an NPC named Stephan. Click him and accept his quest. When finishing his quest, click him again to find another quest called "Purchasing a disguise". Click him again and pay him 100k - 100,000 mesos and he will give you a black hat. Go back to Dry Road: Mine Entrance and wear the hat to enter the portal. Keep going right until you're at Verne Mine: Power Plant Security and enter the portal in the middle of the map. Kill the scrap metal boss and head back to your job instructor to finish.

    Fourth job: The time has come for your fourth job advancement. Assuming you're already level 120. Make sure you have 5,000,000 mesos. Click the lightbulb above your character's head and accept the quest. Head to your job instructor in Edelstein. After talking to him/her, open up your World Map and enter the map name, Gelimer: Research Lab Second Square. When you arrive there, talk to npc named Gelimer and answer his questions correctly or you'll be fucked. (FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS) 2nd , 3rd , 1st , 1st , 2nd. It has to be in this order. If you succeed you will have to pay him 5,000,000 mesos then you have to head to a map called Gelimer: Security System Research center 3. If you're there already you will have to enter a hidden portal at the top left side of the map. It is at a hold in the wall. Talk to Brighton and accept his quest and maneuver yourself to your left. DON"T STOP, ITS NOT TIME TO GIVE UP YET. Defeat the boss. The boss has a damage reflecting skill so if you see the sword symbol at its head then do not attack or it will reflect back and you might possibly die. Even full godmode cannot save you. If you finish killing the boss, exit the map and talk to Brighton and he will send you back the their HQ.

    Credits : Wiki + Defined.
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    Default Re: MapleStory Job Advancement Guide - [Resistance]

    Nice tutorial even though i knew all of it. However, you should add that if your going to use hacks as I did:
    (unlimi siege mode and packet godmode)
    that if you use any godmode, your maple story WILL CRASH! (if damage gets reflected)

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    Default Re: MapleStory Job Advancement Guide - [Resistance]

    Resistance has the easiest job adv.
    Thanks finally got 4th job on my mech

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    Default Re: MapleStory Job Advancement Guide - [Resistance]

    thx for this

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    Default Re: MapleStory Job Advancement Guide - [Resistance]

    very useful

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