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    Default {Bukkit}Nimania{Griefing allowed}{Public}{War-based!}{L>Mod}


    [Please register or sign in your GameKiller account to view this link.
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    Server IP:
    This server is very unique that it is a survival server, but it is war-based. The server also allows griefing and stealing, so go crazy! We also have physical access to the servers! Don't worry we don't run the server on some noobs laptop, but on a computer made for hosting all sorts of things.

    People decide to join or build there town. Towns will be given to people who have enough money to pay for them. If you want you can multiple towns to form alliances and create a nation.Then those nations can wage war with each other if they wish(Go down to see a more explained description). If you want to avoid formal war, you will have to pay a certain tax every single day(In real life), but other people can still steal and grief you during "undercover" operations.

    During the weekend the server will host special weekend only events, like 2x mob drop, regenerating items, and other fun events! You can check them out on
    [Please register or sign in your GameKiller account to view this link.
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    , you can also suggest new event ideas or support one.


    1. Respect everyone!
    2. No advertising other servers, server's website, or anything related to any other servers.
    3. Do not cry/rage/moan/complain if you die, get attacked, get kicked from your town, stolen from, or griefed.
    4. Do not make 1x1 towers next to spawn or in a random place. Do not leave floating trees down, it looks bad and it is annoying, and no random holes to bedrock!
    5. NO HACKING(Which includes x-ray, fly, speed, etc...)


    /tpc <name> , /tpchere <name> , /tpca , /tpcd , /money , /money <name> /moneytop , /moneyrank , /moneypay <name>

    Plugins explained:

    - Teleport - Used to teleport
    - Iconomy In-game-money system
    - CookieMonster Give you money if you kill an aggressive mob
    - Towny - Sets up official towns
    - World Edit and World Guard - You can buy some protection(TNT, FIRE, CREEPER, MOB DAMAGE, ETC...) for your town or clear out a huge room
    - Permissions - Sets permissions for usergroups
    - HeroChat - Give different color usernames and makes different channels
    - Appletree - Trees now drops apples
    - NoCheat - Warns Moderators and Admins for hackers
    - MCBans - A System that stops known hackers from logging in
    - AFKBooter - Kicks afk people

    *We are open to any plugin suggestions and If we think they are good ideas we will implement them.

    Server Specifications:

    - Dual Intel Xeon 2.8GHz dual-core processors (4 processing cores)
    - Dual 15,000 RPM 73GBs SCSI hard drives
    - Dual gigabit Ethernet ports
    - CentOS Operating System


    Their names are red names in game.
    - Nima304

    Their names are blue in game.
    - *(Look Down)

    War (explained):

    War is a fairly basic concept. By using the command "/ally - [nation]," a king can declare war on another nation. This starts the war counter. After 24 IRL hours, the war counter will stop and the war will begin.

    In times of war, nations at war are allowed to steal from one another. The citizens of warring nations must enter the land of the opposing nation, and remain there for 5 minutes. Every five minutes, the land a citizen is standing on is converted to that citizen's town. The citizens must fight until they reach the opposing nation's home block, which if captured, will reset all of the town blocks of the nation. The only other way to end a war is to have the king change the alliance of the two nations using the "/ally + [nation]" or "/ally n [nation]" commands.

    * We are looking for moderators. They must fit in all of the categories:
    1. Active and Dedicated member
    2. Helpful member
    3. Must be active on the forums
    4. Friendly
    5. Follows the rules
    6. Do not ask for mod, if you do you will not get it.

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    Default Re: {Bukkit}Nimania{Griefing allowed}{Public}{War-based!}{L>Mod}

    I used to love playing this server. I don't know why I stopped. I was like almost one of the first players. Nima was showing me around then we went to this lightstone room where I was harassed by monsters while he was hugging creepers.
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    Education is for morans.
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    I love men
    I like punching trees. I also like digging holes.


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