Minecrafters! The time has come, Rarebreed Gaming has spread it's mighty wings to Minecraft!

Rarebreed Gaming is mainly a Steam clan, we have many different Steam servers which minecrafters and anyone can use! However we are now branching into minecraft as well.

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The Rarebreed Minecraft server will be a PvP Faction server, players have the ability to band together or stay alone. Players are allowed to raid other factions this includes stealing land and even robbing other faction. It is not just allowed it is encouraged.

McMMO will be enabled to help spice up the gameplay while both mining, farming, collecting well..anything but mainly it adds a bit more to the PvP fun

The server has the following mods:
Anti-cheat mods

The server will be heavily moderated to ensure fair play with minimum cheating and fair play time, as well as well maintained server.

We have a teamspeak which players are more then welcome to use. Join us and you can trash talk, argue and troll each other have intellectual discussion with other minecraft players, discuss events going on in the server.

Teamspeak info:
Port: 9987

As with all servers we have rules, these are for the good of everyone and help

No hacks. (Fly hacks, X-ray's, reach hacks, spawners, ESP, sneak, nuker, forcefield, protection etc.)
No trolling. A bit of banter is acceptable but keep it minimal please
Take Admin/Mod's word above another player
Don't ask for spawned items, mods will take this rule seriously as it is exceptionally annoying
No spamming chat.
No griefing using lava
No telling people to use /killstats even though it is funny the first time
No typing /killstats your lost items will not be recovered by admins/mod's

After all of this I know you're excited and thinking "Damn mofo this server sounds like it's the shiiiiiitttt, but dawg I gotta do sign myself up for the honkeylist" But you are wrong! We have no whitelist! The protection against griefers joining is the factions mod as well as active admin.

If you agree to the rules and feel like your a mature enough player not to spam chat crying if you get killed then look below for the address!


We hope to see you in game, either in minecraft or other games!