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    Default Simple Bypass For Cheat Engine

    OK this is a simple bypass you don't need to download anything, no trainers nothing all you need is a cheat engine like 5.5 but i use brom3d but thats just me, anyway when your in game, and on your character and want to lvl quick, then do this.

    Ok heres a example if you don't get it:

    Im on my character "Faggotor"
    Im on a map with monsters and i just wanna lvl fast
    Speed hack ftw? Oh wait i can't use it i get kicked after a min
    Oh whats this a simple way?
    Ok that was a shitty explanation LOL

    Anyway while your ingame, on your character, start up cheat engine, enable speed hack, put in the speed (i would recommend 3-7 or its just gonna be too fast) Then you press a simple combo of keys, ctrl+alt+delete, task manager pops up now after enabling the speed hack, you end the process known as "Cheat Engine 5.5" or "Brom3d.exe". Now after doing so, you can hack as much as you want but know this, you will not be able to change the speed at all but you will never be kicked, after 10 mins you will get a error "Hackshield update Program transfer has exceeded time limit" I use windows mode so it doesn't affect me.

    *IMPORTANT* Aslong as you don't press OK on the error you will not be kicked/logged out of the game.

    So ill explain again

    Go ingame
    On Character
    Cheat engine
    Attach processor FLORA
    enable speedhack
    4 speed or watever you want
    Task manager
    End process of cheat engine.

    Woola happy speed hacking, merry christmas.

    After a few days this will be patched, so i better get some thanks LOL, and if your so retarded not to be able to understand this, then just gtfo and don't read LOL.

    Again, Merry Christmas, Happy hacking.

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