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  1. Rynaw
    Rynaw Blaze
    Hey Blaze, do u know why i cant login to terminal. (Unable to connect)
  2. Size
  3. rafacolombo
    rafacolombo Mapleisp2w
    Hi, how can you use kami without get dced?
    1. Mapleisp2w
      you dont, you always dc, thing is how frequently u dc
      Jan 17, 2017 at 7:17 PM
  4. nissepisse
    teach me how to hack
  5. Willy3x231
    Willy3x231 jkl381
    Hey bro, Im in desperate need of a kanna script for farming at SEO, pls help if you can
    1. jkl381
      I would just use kami + SI (3rd kanna strike). Easiest to setup
      Jan 17, 2017 at 3:41 PM
  6. max7skater
    Just doing my zillionth 5th job advancement... funnnn
  7. lagvz001
    lagvz001 Blaze
    I can not connect to GKGateway is blocked? Unlock please
  8. obeybandit
    I'll fucking rekt you kid.
  9. zikzik
    I never sleep kappa
  10. boot0zHi
    I aint got no patience cuz i aint no doctor.
  11. whiteFlare
    whiteFlare Flap
    Hi, im interested in your kanna accounts. What are the prices, and what servers are they on?
    1. arthurzyz
      He is selling reboot kanna account...
      Jan 16, 2017 at 4:46 AM
  12. akgnese
    akgnese Blaze
    Hello... im korean.
    i want to bypass KMS's ngs.
    KMSs NGS current version is 2.12.30
    can you help me?
  13. Melodias
    Melodias phil c
    +1 vouch. bought lvl 200 service from him. fast and easy.
  14. Instruments
    Instruments ResidentSoap
    I would like to join please!
  15. hooryo
    hooryo ResidentSoap
    Hey i would like to join your guild it would be awesome to socialize and learn with others. My IGN is ComAtMeDoe
  16. zaidRANGER
    Just got banned for the first time today :3
  17. hackcore
    hackcore Blaze
    hello, i would like to make a kanna and a kinesis, could you please tell me how is possible for me to make them with the all map attk skill?

    Best regards!
  18. luciferval
    luciferval Firev2
    Hello u continue make trainer for DN sea?
  19. fobio2389
    fobio2389 Wigsley
    Still selling CRA/Hmag runs?
    1. Wigsley
      Yes, PM me
      Jan 15, 2017 at 10:00 PM
  20. enablizing
    enablizing ngnam87
    When will you update ndev?