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  1. QuackPack
    QuackPack wet123123
    hi i know u did the arcame symbol exploit. I am wanting to do it as well, did you get a ban for it yet? If not i will try myself. Thanks
  2. kiara
    kiara Blaze
    quiero q me expliques el jaker T_T
  3. th3d4rk5un
    th3d4rk5un Blaze
    i did everything for the free rocket league free trial 4 day thing.i was wondering how long it took for that to update>? thanks have a good day =P
  4. Colin
    Colin ngnam87
    You alright bro? Miss your trainer. It was wait for it LEGEN- what? LEGENDARY! I just quoted 'How I've met your mother' lmao.
  5. MaxClyde
    MaxClyde Austin92130
    I've got a question, where do I put the code? As far as I know there is no place to insert that into friendly trainer? Or must I be using cheat engine?
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    2. MaxClyde
      Can you give me some instructions for CE? I've got it but I've been avoiding using it, if you don't mind
      Mar 25, 2017 at 7:27 AM
    3. Austin92130
      So first of all, copy paste a script. Then open CE and press ctrl+alt+a. It should open this window. then paste your script into there and go to the top left of the window and put assign to cheat table. Then you can close the window and enable or disable the hack by checking the box
      Mar 25, 2017 at 11:37 AM
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    4. MaxClyde
      That's great, thanks a lot ,mate. Will try and hopefully it works out, I appreciate it
      Mar 25, 2017 at 12:39 PM
  6. MaxClyde
    MaxClyde PhoenixGK
    Thanks for the code but I've got a question, where do I put the code? As far as I know there is no place to insert that into friendly trainer? Or must I be using cheat engine?
  7. MaxClyde
    MaxClyde RealYaoMing
    Air mob vac kicks me out as soon as i use it although I tried aggro on and off (temple of time)
  8. nestor paez
  9. Layla Scarlet
    Layla Scarlet Yuuki Yuuna
    For some reason the gararu trainer is not working on my PC.... What could be its reason?
  10. Layla Scarlet
    Layla Scarlet
    ♠Games are fun, So they are life♪ There for No game, No life! ♠
  11. Layla Scarlet
    Layla Scarlet
    Games are fun! So they are life!
  12. otkk
    otkk [TGKC] Pokehunter
    no idea why you're following me or why i'm following you.
    been lurking like a mofo for a long ass while.
  13. yondaime56
    yondaime56 quangwizard
    ID: 834130275
    Pw: 2006
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  14. yondaime56
    yondaime56 quangwizard
    Quang this is my teamviewer
    I'd: 834130275
    Pero: 5983
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  15. yondaime56
    yondaime56 Qybah
    Hey Qybah sorry to bother you but when I launch terminal manager and then the profile terminal doesn't show up and all it says is unable to connect to server.
  16. jinkunim
  17. akirajang
    akirajang quangwizard
    Team viewer
    id 735 537 140
    pw 5884

    Can u show me for slowly XD so i can learn Thank u ! XD
    well it's 2 hour later !
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    2. quangwizard
      next time send me a pm instead, ppl can read your teamviewer info if you post it here, there is a maint rn, i will help you after that
      Mar 23, 2017 at 11:32 PM
    3. akirajang
      Okay I will resets Pw and will send u pm again
      Mar 23, 2017 at 11:43 PM
  18. jdizzy
    It''s only a game, why you heff to be mad?
  19. th3d4rk5un
    th3d4rk5un Qybah
    i hope your having a good day <3
  20. akirajang
    akirajang MapleDragons
    Plz add my fb.