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    1. Nietzsche
      How did you go about OC'ing it?
    2. Nietzsche
      Mantle is like DirectX but written so that it actually does something useful with hardware as opposed to sitting there like a glutton. Of course we haven't actually seen any demonstrations of Mantle and we probably won't until November, but G-Sync works here and now.

      I have to see G-Sync in person and myself in order to understand what exactly it does. I understand that it would eliminate the need for software V-Sync, which often kills performances like when a bad rave runs out of E, but I'm unsure if killing the refresh rate of a monitor would actually do anything. And we all have to buy new monitors.
    3. Nietzsche
      I was having an inter-monologue with myself based on what I want to see out of AMD coming soon, and then I realized that the answer was simple.

      I was thinking, "Okay, with Mantle API *hopefully* becoming an actual thing, can we get some cheap-but-good APU solutions that run GCN and potentially get 60FPS 1080P performance from games such as Battlefield 3?" Then I realized that that's essentially what the next-gen gaming consoles are (albeit at 30FPS).

      We're looking at the days where $300 hardware is all you need for 60 FPS, 1080P, Triple A title gaming... which I could argue is about as good as PC gaming could be.

      I'm thinking that I should probably be rewriting my PC parts guide :hmm:
    4. Nietzsche
    5. Nietzsche
      Mantle API
      That's some crazy ass shit...
    6. Watch
      Thanks again for the money. My ebay is kicking off again
    7. Nietzsche
      It started at ~$800 a couple years ago :P
    8. Nietzsche
      ~$5000 :P

      I'm no financial wizard, but everyone I know who has "gone by trends" has ended up fucked.
    9. Nietzsche
      Wells Fargo
      Noble Energy
      Coca Cola
      Johnson & Johnson
      Some others. I'd have to look.

      I don't actively manage my stock. It just kinda sits there and does its thing, and I don't think about it. I mostly invest in larger companies that would indicate that the whole world is fucked if they tanked financially.

      If you want any formal advice, look at what the world needs.
    10. Nietzsche
    11. Kittykat99
      yes bro im from turkey :P you too ?
    12. Kittykat99
    13. Nietzsche
      I meant from just looking at pictures of the device. But yes, the HTC One's specs are better too.
      I own a One though, so i might be a bit biased. The main points kind of ARE the speakers and the more modern CPU to most extent though, lol.

      I'm an audio guy. If a phone's audio sucks shit, I wouldn't be happy. The HTC One has two front facing speakers which can get cranked up pretty good. My Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones sound pretty good out of it. I keep "Beats Audio" off though.

      The battery life on my phone is really good too: I can probably go at least two and a half days without charging if I do light browsing on wifi, some texting, and maybe a couple calls. There's also an "eco mode" which I think just downclocks the processor, but I'm not sure. I've never used it.

      Build quality is phenominal. It's a very solid device. It might be a little awkwardly sized for some though; it might be just a wee too big for one hand use. For me, it's just barely in the reach of one hand use, but I rarely use my phone one handed anyways.

      Dual-band 802.11ac support, because fuck yeah wireless gigabit.

      I think the display might be better too. I think it's something like 460dpi vs 440dpi, but I'd have to look again to make sure.

      I've actually found quite a lot of use in the IR antenna. Coming back home from school over the summer, I forgot everything television. With an app on the One, I could enter my TV provider information, and it would tell me what shows are on. With a touch, I could turn the TV to that show. /salespitch
    14. Nietzsche
      I honestly don't keep up with phones :P
      I can give ya a list of reasons as to why an HTC One would be better from just looking at the Find 5 though...
    15. Pie1
      can you lend me 10 bucks?
    16. Nietzsche

      So I was just reading something on how vulnerable WPS (the button press sync to wireless routers thing) is to being hacked. Apparently, WPS is just a number; one can have Backtrack or some program brute force it and it'd take from an hour to twenty-four at most to break it.
      And once WPS cracked, that's really it, cause the WPA/WPA2/WEP key is just handed over from it.
    17. Nietzsche
      NCIX Showdown - Thermal Paste - YouTube

      I shat my pants...
    18. Nietzsche
      There's too much focus on the big stuff: huge graphics cards and whatnot. I like the small stuff. I want to see an AMD 14 nm APU with 2 gb GDDR5 high bandwidth blocks on the dye dedicated to the GPU. I want voltage regulations on the dye too. And I want this on a Mini-ITX board.
      If I can't have this, then at least an AMD APU that supports DDR4.
    19. Nietzsche
      When do you think we're going to see DDR4 rolled into action? I'm excited for it; each DIMM connects directly to a memory controller, so one could, theoretically, populate whichever spots he/she wants on a motherboard. That plus higher bandwidth and lower voltage.
    20. Nietzsche
      Well... I also have where your general location is from previous conversations. Your address is kinda the last piece of the puzzle there XD
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