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Mar 30, 2018
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Mar 30, 2018
    1. wikkytorres
      Hi Anon, please, I need the script to use *Unique Meso Sack* or force it
      (I┬┤ve got them in the inventory) Could you help me with it or tell me where I can find it?
    2. Redneck
      Christmas has come and gone, looks like you will have to wait until next year for that gaming laptop ;).
    3. Redneck
      Apologies for making you feel like a pest, or putting it across that I consider you as such - I do not.
    4. Redneck
      I do care, I said I'm going to try to make an investigation to try and determine the authenticity of your claim (by contacting an experienced reverse engineer).
    5. Redneck
      You are a person - no different from anyone else, and your statement is just an opinion/suspicion when you make that type of accusation.
    6. Redneck
      I'm sorry but as a GK Mentor, your opinion may be taken vicariously by members lacking logicality. You are making baseless accusations and causing unwanted drama. Cease from such actions now, or action will have to be taken, even though it's not what I want to do. Re-posting your reply after its deleted, it not appreciated.
    7. Redneck
      Your argument is redundant, almost like religious antics. Such accusations do not warrant any action, other than investigation.
    8. Redneck
      No, I'd rather not assume and take corrective action based on one person's word without evidence. If the world did this, it would be quite a scary place. I can and will investigate the matter though, by contacting some reverse engineers.
    9. Redneck
      Your suspicions are only suspicions until proof OR apparent proof beyond a reasonable doubt is made visible. Once again, one's word does not justify terminating action.
    10. Redneck
      There's nothing that should be ammended unless proof is provided. One's word is not sufficient, when it comes to such a grand scale, and without evidence....
    11. Redneck
      Posting the said accusation on GK without proof is only going to cause a shitstorm - it's best it be done at the source.
    12. Redneck
      Please post on the rival forum since the official coder lies there. I'm sure they would want to look into any potential hazards if an official coder could be ruining their reputation. I can also look for a coder to try and reverse engineer, to support your allegation.
    13. Redneck
      Looking at your other replies, you mentioned the program had a rat in it before, but it was posted by another user on the rival forum. This time it's different.... it's the actual coder making the release and that's the direct download link from his thread.

      Are you sure that you're not confused with the previous version, which was posted by another user, and was infected?
    14. Redneck
      It's not that I don't trust you..... but it's on a few major forums. Why didn't you come forth with an accusation and evidence before? Why has no one else? Nothing can be done unless you provide evidence.
    15. Redneck
      Could you please put forth some of your evidence?
    16. Mortality
      let me know when your inbox has been cleared so I can send you a message.
    17. Var
      I expected others to agree with your post. But they didn't...
    18. Var
      This is pathetic, I think I am going to leave this forum.
    19. Kernel
      Hello An0n, I have to go now. Good luck and I hope you will have a brighter future. Stay out of trouble and aim higher! Farewell, my friend.
    20. Soyis
      plz pic me ur botnet anon, i wannaz be liek uuu :eek:
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