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Jul 7, 2009
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A dreamer, from Berlin, Germany

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Feb 27, 2017 at 8:08 PM
    1. Aschendia
      Hi Blaze,could i pm you about something?
    2. akirajang
      Hey.. i don't know nothing about bot .. i just paid and download it . but i don' knowhow lol can u seting for me ;__; with team viewer ? im such a old ching chong women
    3. BuildingS
      Hey Blaze I have a question regarding my account, can you PM me when you see this?
    4. ChaosProdigy
      Hey blaze I have terminal I tried using auto attack on my blaze wiz and set the skill as ctlr and it still doesn't attack.. what do I do ?
    5. KingMastema
      Hey blaze can you help me setup terminal? I've tried multiple time and reading through forums + video but still can't seem to get it.
    6. mikehjhkjhkhkj
      hi do u guys have something like frenzy totem? i try to farm fast and more mesos
    7. _crislg
      Hello, sorry for the inconvenience .. but I would like to know if you can be my intermediary in a purchase or recommend me to someone of your liking. I am afraid that I suffer a scam, first time I buy something here :'/
    8. LLing
      Hi blaze.GKGateway.rar file looks like txt
      Is there a way to solve it?
      1. OfficialBW
        Simply download 7zip. you have to have something to unzip the file.
        Feb 13, 2017
    9. nagermals
      Hey, I see that you released a public bypass for MS. Can you guide me in the right direction on where/how to start creating my own bypass?
      1. OfficialBW
        Just start by learning hex editing, SImply downloaded HxD. Put past bypasses in there and the current one and see the difference. There on you will figure it out.
        Feb 13, 2017
    10. RiceKing
      Hi Blaze, is there a tutorial on how to use Terminal scripter? Wanna write an auto monolith.
    11. NameInUseToT
      what happen to the user elx?
    12. tacolol
      Hi, am I able to pm you about something? Thank you.
    13. peteypie000
      Hey there, is the server down currently for terminl? I'm getting the "unable to connect to server" message.
    14. RiceKing
      Hi Blaze, does Terminal work in VMWare? Do you have any links to setup VMWare so MapleStory launches?
      1. Blaze
        No it doesn't run on Virtual Machines at all. it's disabled for security purposes.
        Feb 5, 2017
      2. RiceKing
        Awww shame, saw that support thread on Virtual machine and thought it did.
        Feb 5, 2017
    15. Oops
      I just purchased VIP and cannot run Terminal. I've read through the threads but cannot find a solution. I do not have AMD-V enabled on my computer. See attachment below. Can anyone help? I am completely unable to Terminal at all.
    16. Vincee
      Do you think its possible to upload like a 10$ terminal with a few necessary useful scripts? I would definitively buy that
    17. diviniknight
      Blaze, At the time I type my email and password appear this menssage>>

      We were unable to complete your purchase at this time
      Go back to a store and choose another payment method
    18. Appl3Sauce
      Blaze it says my HWID Ip or Account has been locked. Says contact support for appeal
    19. enablizing
      $10 PayPal if you release the public bypass right now. Jk.
      1. never123 and BadBonny like this.
    20. diviniknight
      I do not have paypal, just credit card
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    Please post your questions about any cheats in the forum. Do not private message them to me as I receive way too many of them and chances are I won't respond. I receive 100 pms on a daily basis so don't get angry if I over look your pm.
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