Jul 7, 2009
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Berlin, Germany

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    1. Schumann201
      i upgraded my membership and when the transaction went through it gave me an error for using paypal as a guest. i have the emails with conformation from GK and PayPal if that helps.
    2. natherox
      I was wondering how i could change my username
    3. fayne21
      Hey, will i get banned if i get caught using terminal??
    4. Vinkle
      I followed the instructions to download, extract, and install the things required for Terminal. I paid for terminal with a visa gift card. When I right click my profile and select "Launch Client" it says I don't have the dependency files in my Maplestory folder even though i downloaded everything and extracted it all already. Please help me.
    5. trucno1
      Can I use lastest terminal trainer client for 185 version (Fluffy)?
    6. Olofsson
      Hi, may I request a sub-section for MapleStory private server trading? Many rival sites has such sub-forum, there are plenty of large communities on private servers such as MapleRoyals, with players who want to trade.
    7. matan danieli
    8. Crayon
      Gratz on the 10k messages
      1. matan danieli likes this.
    9. WTFM
      What's poppin homie
    10. poelower
      Hello I have reached 3 clicks on my referal link, but I still can not change my difficulty. Can you check please ? Thanks !
    11. testlmao
      Sup bro. You are doing such a nice job tyvm. Do you think it's safe to use this trainers just with an ip changer like ipsharkk instead of using a vpn?
    12. Jacobking
      why don't you make KMS hack I can give you money or we can do business together because I know Koreans.
    13. Crayon
    14. Raymond
      Whats up Bro, How you been? You still go to college upstate
    15. jujulia
      hi is there anyway to undo a chargeback? i lost my credit card and i guess my bank charged back my terminal payment, the account associated with this chargeback is simplixity. right now i cant do anything on that account so i made this one to hopefully restore that one. I can repay the charge back amount. sorry for any inconveniences
    16. Roxie13
      Hi Blaze, I wanted to know that do u have a Hack for Elsword thai or smth i can pay for it too though
    17. xacestar
      could you message me, i logged in on my 2nd computer (toshiba) this one i used the hack with the first time and it worked great, however i tried to use it on my new computer it didnt wor so well, then i went back to my (toshiba) and it said account locked
    18. Fikrj
      How does VyprVPN work for terminal? Do you need multiple subscriptions? Do they have socks proxy format for their vpn?
    19. Recess
      Blaze, sorry for talk to you again, but you need to prove it without the familiar because the familair increase 100% mesos obtained, but ill buy it for 10m per minute with only 120% adn i already try to get the familair for 5 hours and i get nothing, its a trick because he never told me about the familair (100% additional mesos obtained)
    20. Recess
      Blaze, i want to report someone, is urgent, i have proofs please leave your discord or something to show you all, my discord is Recess#9254
      1. Blaze
        pm me all the details.
        Jul 12, 2017
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    Berlin, Germany


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      Dec 27, 2016, Account Upgrades
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