Jul 7, 2009
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Tongxiang, China

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    1. akgnese
      Hello... im korean.
      i want to bypass KMS's ngs.
      KMSs NGS current version is 2.12.30
      can you help me?
    2. hackcore
      hello, i would like to make a kanna and a kinesis, could you please tell me how is possible for me to make them with the all map attk skill?

      Best regards!
    3. MrTony
      i can't conect the sever help me pls
    4. theoffice
      hey I was wondering where the terminal is
    5. mapleAP
      I get "unable to retrieve package list"when start the GKGateway,how can I fix it?
    6. shuji
      dear blaze, i followed the instructions and followed additional instructions on "i keep getting injection error 10" and i still keep getting the same error. please help *update* sorry there was a random empty Maple folder from my steam account when i still had maple installed via steam* i think you guys should definitely add this to trouble error 10!
    7. Exoduss
      care to explain why i have -gk credits as well?
    8. Mapleisp2w
      Hello, I got a maplestory terminal for 7 days today by using GK credits, now half an hour passed and it suddenly disappeared, can you look into it please?
    9. erpan
      Hey Blaze, i'm up for testing on GKdfo, still need volunteers? and if yes i'd also like to have some help with fast account creating :)
    10. davidcogdeill
      when I select north America region in ms I get dced with
      you cannot access the game for one of the following ressons.
      help plz!
      1. RiceBaby
        Your internet connection is laggy
        Jan 5, 2017
        Tom Hanks likes this.
    11. qwertyzverev
      Hey, when DFO trainer will be available again?
    12. heavens007
      Hi blaze im recently getting back into elseord and I was if the elx trainer will be up and running again soon or if any other Auto trainer will be available and if so are necessary I am more than willing to pay if you could please message me back I'd appreciate it
    13. liljayyyy
      Is Maple Terminal down again ? Or is it just me ?
    14. KamKJW
      Hey, I was wondering if you could help me set up the Terminal Manager.. I can't seem to really figure it out :(
      1. RiceBaby
        Shoot me a PM and I can help you out with it
        Jan 2, 2017
    15. rexmen
      for some reason when i open the client i dont see maple on the client
    16. joaquin
      hi blaze i bought the bot i cant get it to bot on auto if i set it up to bot it will att and att but the mobs wont take dam they wont die if i put full map att and i jump and att it will kill the mobs i need help setting up my blaze wiz to bot on auto any help i would appreciate it
    17. ZELU
      i pay already
    18. ZELU
      i already pay
    19. ZELU
    20. lolomfggg
      me and my friend purchase 3 acc but we play in the same cafe for some reason my acc was lock so can u reply me bak
      1. RiceBaby
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    Home Page:
    Tongxiang, China


    Please post your questions about any cheats in the support forum. Do not private message them to me as I receive way too many of them and chances are I won't respond
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