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Feb 7, 2017
May 11, 2012
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Feb 7, 2017
    1. Andrew Choi
      Andrew Choi
      Hey firev2, I have left you a message on your blog which you seem inactive on. I've been looking for you and it led me here. I have a serious inquiry for you with incentives which are negotiable. Please hmu via gamekiller, or my registered email, [email protected]

      Thank you.


      Choi, Andrew
    2. luciferval
      Hello u continue make trainer for DN sea?
    3. canlo33
      Hello i m new in dn and i saw ur posts here , i graduated computer science and i wanna learn how to do this macros , can u help me for some good starting tips ? ^^
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      2. Firev2
        that's because you don't know C, C++, or C#. You just think you do. I mean jesus son how do you think trainers and bots are made in the first place? compiled using masm? lol'd
        Sep 25, 2016
        Qybah likes this.
      3. canlo33
        actually i know them very well , u r not speaking in my frequency, problem is how do these bots works ? what are their algorithms ? it is actually quite easy to code when u know the algorithm.. lol'd , anyway it is not important anymore cuz it is not neccesary.
        Sep 26, 2016
      4. Firev2
        it's based on LUA you fucking moron. You MAKE your own algorithms using the embedded LUA (LUA is a scripting language since you clearly do not know that). The supported functions are in readme.txt, but you didn't bother reading that, did you now? Fucking idiot. The "Help" section of the trainer's menu gives you everything you need. Looks like your comp sci degree got you far.
        Sep 27, 2016
    4. shimjitsu
      what are the other payment methods. i wanna buy the vip sea bot of Dn
      1. Firev2
        paypal, btc
        Oct 21, 2016
    5. shimjitsu
      what are the other payment methods... i wanna buy vip DN sea bot..kindly reply.
    6. shimjitsu
      what are the other payment methods... i wanna buy vip DN sea bot..kindly reply.
    7. nagasaran
      I wan to buy the vip DN sea hack from you. Please pm me!
    8. luciferval
      in upate add NO CD (no coldown) add attk x 2 x4 x+ aand list of skills inyection and GOD MODE
      or invensible mode
    9. luciferval
      hey u have the list of skills ID of DN sea
    10. emptybody
      hey saw your post for the bypass and was wondering if we could talk about possible private dll hacks you could sell me or trainers if possible ill pay via paypal and it would be for private use only. Im playing on dragon nest Eu but sense the game server is the same now in terms of being run by CC i imagine there should be no problems fell free to pm at any time with a possible skype or email to get in contact
    11. drakecake
      Hey you have gone over your PM Quota limit.

      My mail that i was going to send:


      I am looking for a DN NA hack, and since no1 ever releases them, I am looking towards you. I know you do not handle DN NA anymore, but if you were to create a trainer for me, I would pay you a pretty hefty amount.

      Get back to me as soon as you can~

    12. AznMAster131
      Does ur elswrod bypass work wit suddenattack? it also use xtrap.Sudden Attack |
    13. Synchronicity
      Yo, do you have a skype?
    14. Lethargy
      Hey man, you gotta update the VIP hack some time soon.
    15. Hitman265
      Hey, I heard you are re releasing VIP DN, is there multi client included? And where is the thread for you?
    16. Unicorns
      Congrats on VIP coder.
    17. erickisstupid
      What happen to the DN VIp thread?
    18. Skyance
      Got dn sea ver too hacks?
    19. Cycloned
    20. Unicorns
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