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Oct 10, 2020
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Oct 10, 2020
    1. OVOXO
      In response to what you were saying to Sam, Do you use whatsapp or kik at all? My internet has be literal AIDS over the past few days hence why I've been off Skype ( I cant seem to rank up too even though im facing MGII's now. I get network lag the moment i go into a firefight so its literal spray and pray)wont play again until my roommates fuck off for the weekend.
    2. Nietzsche
      Did you send all of the required information in with the ticket?

      Also, I got DMG.

      Also, I don't use that Skype account anymore.
    3. Nietzsche
      Hurry up and get in control of your Steam account, ----- :(
    4. OVOXO
      No worries. I happy to hear all is good. You know who I am,( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    5. Nietzsche
    6. Nietzsche
      Will do.

      Miss you, boo :(
    7. OVOXO
      Did your steam account get hacked or something?
    8. Jordan
      Hey Leth,
      What was it you needed done. I haven't been doing any GFX lately, but I can try to help out lol
    9. Klix
    10. Redneck
      UMayWantToGiveUp is my PSN.
    11. jayss8
      It's iJay-_-C and I'm doing okay, just got school and all, so I don't play much xD. How about you?
    12. jayss8
      y r u so c00l
    13. Reus
      What's going on my friend?
    14. Mosha
      Firstly, that's incorrect, if you note by our previous VM, "I've removed the threads you asked me to remove. On the matter of Cycloned, the threads have been removed, but I will have a word with the user." At this point I can conform that the user has ceased posting anything in any service thread you have provided after the threads you requested be removed. However, you continued to go on a "Cycloned is terrible" crusade.

      I'd also looked into your case (http://www.gamekiller.net/showthread.php?t=3229779 and anything related to page 2 of our VM's) and I came to the decision that it wasn't sales trashing, that the comments were completely justified and valid.

      I've been fairly good with you and have responded to almost all your requests (I've even gone as far as too take action even when you didn't want it), so if you think that I'm terrible despite these things, then I'm sorry, I can't do anything more. You may still contact me for any request. If they're legitimate and are backed with reasoning, I'll be more then happy to help.

      I'd still ask you to remove the Cycloned hate from any of your service threads as I don't believe it to be necessary and given that the user has followed through with an order to cease "sales trashing" I'd appreciate if you both cooperated, because you both are merely antagonizing each other for no reason.
    15. Mosha
      I ask that you remove "Fuck you Cycloned you little shit. Amazon refunding isn't even Social Engineering. " from your service thread. It's quite unnecessary and is just further proof that of your lack of impartiality.

      I'm not quite sure what you mean?
    16. Nietzsche
      Cycloned's mentality that his word is the law is absolutely adorable.
      I see the reasons for your actions now.
      But hush now! The blue ranger is doing his rounds!

      Top of the mornin', Mosha.
    17. Mosha
      I'm telling you to stay out if it, because this does not concern you as previously stated. Your ignorance is not welcome, particularity in scam cases. No, you do not know the 'truth', you only partially know from what was told to you and given your history with Cycloned and the clear conflict of interest I refuse to take anything you say as impartial and truthful. The fact that you think I have any deal with anyone on this forum is a complete joke. I enjoy being a part of this community and have not garnered the respect from members by wheeling and dealing.

      Now, on an entirely different matter. You have come to me several times regarding sales trashing and advertising in service threads that are not your own. If the banter between you and Cycloned continues, I'll take further action. I'm tired of having to contact you both and telling you to both settle down. Thank you.
    18. Mosha
      Why do you need to know anything? If you're filing a scam report on behalf of the user, why not contact you with the details. User knows exactly why he/she was banned. However, that won't be necessary, this case is still ongoing and I refuse for anyone else to get involved, particularly those that it does not concern. Please stay out of it.
    19. Kiwi
      I'm interested in the job if you add me back on skype so we can talk about it.
    20. LostSaga
      blocked. enjoy being a jerk.
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