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May 2, 2012
Feb 8, 2010
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May 2, 2012
    1. Lychee
      Holy shit a black person.
      1. Vence likes this.
    2. ibone23
      Any update on the Z bypass? i close out wen i upload it, so i know its patched. Just wondering also whats up with this what am i missing? O_o

      7E 00 06 0B 00 55 72 79 75 49 73 68 69 64 61 7A 46 00(i got all the 40's f3) lol ^_^
    3. LightingXing
      Hey i got a question, for ur Nullz Maplestory Gateway, do u get banned for that? xD
    4. quache
      hey dude
      i got a question/problem
      how the heck does Nznett work
      cause when i try open a maple process with your program it says on the bottom cant detect executable process..... any idea what i should do?
    5. Toxin Jr
      Toxin Jr
      What features does you Maplestory hack source have?
    6. Joesephiroth
      Hey Nullz, most people seem like they're doing fine with your stuff but I'm not. Mind helping me out? The "Z" Packet Editor Isn't working when I use it with any injector. I've gotten .Net framework 4 and I'm not running Vista nor Windows 7, so I don't have that option to run as an admin.
      Help please? When I inject it says "somethigns wrong."
    7. CarnageSS
      yo dude i was just wondering if the pypq bot has been patched because mine kept failing lol it wouldnt start the pq it would close the yettie tab then start attacking outside... i have been using your epic bot for like weeks so this is the first time its done this to me. idk if i did something wrong but im just asking if it has been patched?
    8. ʘɷʘ ͠ʘʗ ʘ͠ ʘɷʘ ʘʗ ʘ͠
    9. Nitride
      Celtics>Lakers send this 10 other users or I will rape you in your sleep.
    10. Stromae
      Damn bro! You have big eye balls ! That's sexy =D
    11. 68IOU1
      Hi, I'm currently using the Z inspector and I'm asking how to slow down the received packets? because I receive a lot of packets when there is only 1 player in the area. ty
    12. talor110
      Hello Nullz. when im doing zak and using ur Z , I am getting after a while(something like 25 mins) randomaly d/c. I dont lag or something just the gam freeze for a 10 secs and i get d/c all the programs that im using close.
      Could u please help to solve this issue? Tnx
    13. Cra$hOv3rRid3
      @eli3838 what are u trying to do any ways? Pypq?
    14. eli3838
      hi dude
      can u learn me how to use the hacks?? i tryd so many time
      and idk what to do
      my english not so good and its hard for me
      pls help me
      ty so much and have a nice day
    15. NorthKorean
      You should add me on MSN.. O_O
    16. SamSe
      Eh dude, just let it go .. But I really wish I could see XPI before I die...
    17. GANDHl
      okay uhm... can u add me on msn its [email protected] I want to ask you some stuff about birthday crackers because the ones that i see like freedom peace use a url like the nexon passport id find by using the email but i was wondering if it was possible to change it to Find Nexon Passport P/W which is password find it uses the password as many cant remember the email so with the password u can log on and find thee email hence being able to birthday crack it. Like me i have lost an account which was very rich and i spent 3 years on it but i put a spam email and i forgot it. for reasons like this it will be greatly appreciated for this to be coded. It wudnt be making EVERYTHIGN but using freedompeace's email crcker or another one which uses the passport id. You dont have to im just asking if you could would be very appreciated. thank you for reading =]
    18. philips101
      Hey nullz just a fyi i love your bot and it works like a charm like all the stuff you release. But im just going to suggest this.For the PQbot.
      If you put a monster counter and the combat part of the bot didnt start till there wer
      e actually monsters. It would save some people money if a channel is taken or they messed with ur bots settings.
    19. eyalmmm
      Hey Nullz my name is Eyal im coming from israel and i need ur help i wanna make a pe or a tool like urs and u i need the matirials if u can help me ill be very happy and i have problems with ur pe it makes me lagger and the spam protection doesnt work
      Thank u
    20. u13e12
      hey man love your pypq bot but your new version isn't working for me. is it compatible with windows 2000

      and also just a suggestion can u make it so there is an option to do the pypq as a party. for a dexless sin i can't get past normal but i would be able to leech it through pypq and another character.
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