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Discussion in 'Reboot NA' started by yedixon, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Promotion 6k Legion 500$
    new promotion for each skill of 5 links we give you another totally free

    Link Skill 1-120, 12$
    Link Skill 1-140, 15$
    Link Skill 1-150, 17$
    Link Skill 1-200, 40$

    New: Daily Vanishing Journey $ 2
    the minimum purchase is 5 days for a value of $ 10
    Monad 20$ you need 2m att rang +
    Magnus 5$
    Gollux 6$
    Lotus 8$ / Damien 12$
    Lotus Full Act 15$
    Kritias 7$
    Pink Bean 5$
    V job 5$
    Vanishing Journey 7$
    Lachelin 7$
    Arcana 7$
    Morass 7$
    Chuchu 7$
    Comerci 5$
    masteria Prequest 10$
    Gold Maple Leaf Emblem 5$

    Promoción 6k Legión 500 $
    Promoción 8k Legión 900 $

    Terms and Conditions!
    Once you realize the payment, it will not be returned, you can change the services for others but I will not refund the money. Be sure of the service you are going to take to avoid problems in the future
    Discordia: [Fast Services]#5976

    Must be pay whit paypal Family , Code Gift Card Amazon
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  2. exception123

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    Your discord is not working
  3. PeterT

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    Bought Link skill service
    Fast reliable seller would buy again from him if when needed.
  4. fauxfur

    fauxfur United States Lurker

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    added you on discord
  5. LilNibba

    LilNibba United States Lurker

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    I purchased his link skill leveling service (Lv1-120) and I CANNOT RECOMMEND him. At first, he is very communicative, but once you pay him the money, he will take forever to get back to you. He also has Terminal installed on his computer (I asked for an update on leveling progress and his screenshot showed Terminal on his desktop), so if you don't want to get banned, look elsewhere. There are many other sellers providing link leveling services that are legit and do not use Terminal. In addition, he will definitely level slower than what he promised you. He said he can get 6 link mules to Lv1-120 in 2 to 3 days, but only gets 1 link mule from Lv1-38 in THREE HOURS. Please look elsewhere for services, this guy is a two-face who will say what you want to hear until he receives your money. LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!
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