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    Competitive Rates: Add me on Skype or Discord!


    PayPal only. Payment must be sent under friends/gift. Under no circumstance will I go first.

    Accepting CAD/EUR/AUD of the amount equivalent to current US rate.

    Skype: live:nunnynea

    Discord: NunnyNea#6525

    Add me on Skype (
    live:nunnynea) or my Discord (NunnyNea#6525) or further details and stock updates.

    Please make sure you add the right person on Skype:

    1) Search for
    live:nunnynea in the Skype directory

    2) You will see something similar to this:


    3) Or on Discord, make sure you type as shown below NunnyNea#6525 (capitals are important!):


    ALWAYS request a PM confirmation once you have added someone from GK on Skype! It only takes a few seconds, and you'll know if you've reached the right person.

    Please keep in mind that any losses resulting from trading with an impersonator are at one's own expense. Prevent such occurrences by adding the correct person on Skype AND requesting a PM.

    **READ THIS** Additional Transaction Details:
    • I reserve the right to refuse sale to any person.
    • If you are a first-time customer, please note that if you DON'T have any credibility to your GK username, or if you DON'T have a vouch thread, it is highly probable that I will NOT sell you a high amount of mesos the first time around, unless you have been referred to me from a trustworthy/well-known seller. It is likely that I will sell you a small amount of mesos for the first time.
    • New customers will be able to purchase high amounts of mesos (50B+) after successful completion of initial transaction.
    • In-game taxes ARE covered!

    Accepting Reserves![​IMG]

    My regular customers have the privilege of placing reserve orders with me. This means that if the amount of Bera Mesos they wanted was not available at the time, they can choose to place an order and receive it at the earliest convenience.

    Additional Reserve Order Details:

    • If meso rates have increased AFTER you placed your order, you will still be paying the lowest rate. (eg: If rates at the time of your order were 1:$7 but became 1:$8 the next day, you will still only be paying at 1:$7).
    • If meso rates have decreased AFTER you placed your order, you will be paying at the lowest rate instead.
    • Due to possible high reserve volume, I may stop taking reserves temporarily from time to time. I will take reserves at my discretion.
    • I may cancel your reserve at any time for any reason.
    • Reserves DO NOT need to be paid in advance! You pay at the time of delivery as usual.

    As a general courtesy, please refrain from cancelling reserves as I have set aside the amount you wanted just for you.

    The above details are to ensure the safety and smoothness of every new buyer transaction and will benefit both parties.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Thanks for visiting~

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