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    Pedropit's Powerleveling Store

    0-120 -----------> 25$ USD Links Service
    0-140 -----------> 32$ USD Legion service
    140-200 -------> 75$ USD Legion service
    0-200 -----------> 100$ USD (Has condition)
    200-210 ---------> 120$
    USD (Has condition)

    BONUS -> If you buy a service for 200(140-200 or 0-200) you gonna get for free:
    Chaos rot abyss Set: 10stars and scrolled. Potential with% of the stats class
    Fafnir weapon: 10 stars and scrolled. Potential with % att
    All the things that link or legion will get too

    If you buy a service for link or legion you gonna get for free:

    Ifia ring: Scrolled and 10 stars
    Silver blossom Ring: scrolled and 10 stars
    Ifia pendant: Scrolled and 10 stars
    Weapon scrolled and 10 stars

    If you can provide a 2x coupon, i can finish faster!!!
    8~12 hours of training per day!!!

    Weekly/Daily Service
    VJ dailies -------> 4$ USD
    All other maps dailies are ------> 5$ USD (each map)

    Dark World Three -> 5$ USD
    Haven -> 8$ USD

    1 week of VJ dailies --> 18$ USD
    1 week of All Arcane river maps -> 45$ USD
    1 week of Dark World Three -> 20$ USD
    1 week of Haven -> 25$ USD

    Prequest Service
    5th Job Prequest: 7$ USD

    Papulatus: 10$ USD
    Von Leon: 13$ USD
    Arkarium: 13$ USD
    Pink Bean: 13$ USD
    Magnus Prequest: 10$ USD
    Damien Prequest: 10$ USD
    Lotus Prequest: 30$ USD
    Commerci Prequest: 15$ USD
    Explorer Emblem Quest: 15$ USD
    Silent Crusade: 15$ USD
    Yu Garden: 20$ USD
    Kritias: 20$ USD
    Kanna's Treasure (Items) + Princess No: 20$ USD
    Masteria Through Time: 20$ USD
    Vanishing Journey Prequest: 12$ USD
    Chu Chu Island Prequest: 12$ USD
    Lachelein Prequest: 16$ USD
    Arcana Prequest: 16$ USD
    Morass Prequest: 18$ USD
    Esfera Prequest: 18$ USD

    Note: If you have any other prequest request just send me a message.
    Prequest services are available for Reboot and Non-Reboot Worlds.

    Discord: Pedropit#7886


    100% LEGIT

    Highly vouched at others websites with Maple sales. (i can send in discord) 100+ Vouchers

    You can always ask me the progression here or in others chats, i will update every info about the powerleveling for you.

    If I don't reply to you immediately after your order, please give me some time because maybe i will be sleeping.


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