10$ for Exile BOT?

Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by leplep, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. leplep

    leplep Germany Lurker

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    This is crazy. Too many bugs that won´t let you make any profit out of this.
    This bot won´t make like 1k chaos a month which you can buy for around 10$.
    i am out. maybe i check later back in to see if it has improved.
    on the other hand i won´t even be able to check the functions without paying. even not for a short time...hmm hope something will change here.

    till then gl&hf

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  2. takemesteven

    takemesteven United States Premium Premium

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    33 cents a day boy
  3. dqpb

    dqpb Sweden Lurker

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    Every product that's under development will have bugs. But yeah, if 33 cents a day is too much, then I guess we'll see you at a later date.
  4. Marik

    Marik Israel Mahorori #1 fan Premium

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    be greatful, wtf, you literally do nothing, people create free stuff for you and you complain.

    the definition of a leecher.
  5. KoreanRice (Rip Maple Emporium)

    KoreanRice (Rip Maple Emporium) United States Tier 1 Snake. Property of GK

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    shit ain't free that's why he's complaining, like every product u buy in any place there's some downside to it and the clients leave their "reviews".
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  6. Saihko4

    Saihko4 United States Premium Premium

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    My man can't afford 33 cent a day. better start cleaning tiolets.

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