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    I successfully made ~$300 in a few months of terminal on my personal PC and like every greedy fuck on the internet, wanted to make even more money for little effort. Thus, am going to aim for mass bottling mesos/elite farming in GMS. After reading a ton of guides all night think I'm ready to start.

    Initial Cost : Server = $100 Proxy IP's = $24 30 Clean Accounts $10 Total =$155 Terminal Premium $21
    Total Cost : $155

    Monetary Goals

    Month 1 * Cover the cost of the server for the month and terminal premium* = $155
    Month 2 *Cover the cost of the server for this month and next month, same with Terminal* = $310
    Month 3 *Make $200 Profit*

    Botting Milestones (will check these off as I accomplish them)
    1B Mesos X 8/24
    10B Mesos X 8/26
    100B Mesos
    1000B Mesos
    Get my first account banned X 8/21
    Get my second account banned X 8/25
    Suffer ban wave, descend into alcoholism, recoup loses, make moar bots.
    1 Bot farming X 8/20
    10 Bots farming X 8/21
    100 Bots farming
    100 Bots on multiple servers.

    Total Mesos Farmed : 15.5B
    Total number of bans : 23 Perm bans
    Make my Kanna's meso farm as automated as possible. I could get way better rates but the goal is to have it almost completely automated to the point where I just log in to sell mesos.
    • Entry 1 - Starting leveling up some Kanna's plan to start getting 5-10 of them tonight to a decent level.
    • Entry 2 - Set up a profile for arks and started leveling 10 of them. Still need to find some better leveling maps they are leveling pretty slowly.
    • Entry 3 - Haven't had much time but after the minor patch I started leveling up more arks, and a few kanna's. With 15 bots leveling up averaging 200k meso/min once they are 100+ aiming to earn 5m/min across my 15 bots.
    • Entry 4 - Making a total of 4-5m a min.

    For the server I'm going with the most popular for now so Bera to start.
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