$20 Karma Koin Giveaway Part 2

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  1. Blaze

    Blaze Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Staff Member

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    It's Friday again so let's do something nice for the people. We are giving away yet another $20 Karma Koin code.

    Previously we hosted a hide and seek event in game. If you missed it, you can read about it here -

    This time it's even easier, you only need to write a single post to enter.

    Since the holiday season is nearing, everyone will write a post about what they have planned for it. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then just post how you plan to enjoy your holiday weekend. Your post number in the thread will be used as entry number.

    • You can only make one post in this thread. You are not allowed to respond to another post.
    • Writing a random post that has no relevance to the objective will result in disqualification.
    • Copy and pasting will result in disqualification.
    • Try to put some effort into your post.
    End Date:
    Dec - 18, 10:00 PM EST

    Go go go
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  2. NoobieHeker

    NoobieHeker Informed Hacker

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    Lol im gonna watch a christmas themed movie and play maplestory :s
  3. DesmondKiller

    DesmondKiller The New Guy

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    gonna chill in home with a cup of tea and bot the shit out of maple :D
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  4. Johnyy

    Johnyy Informed Hacker

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    Sleep, Terminalstory, Eat
  5. narutard576

    narutard576 Veteran Hacker

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    I plan on celebrating this holiday by driving to Illinois for a couple days throughout the holiday weekend and spending it with family. Everyone in my family is growing old so the celebration will be tame on my side with just a simple gift opening while my girlfriend's family still has quite a few rowdy teenagers still the celebration is more intense and family focused. Overall the plan is to stay warm and have a stress free weekend with no rushing.
  6. diviniknight

    diviniknight The New Guy

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    I'll probably be on the beach with a beautifull rain
  7. Espi

    Espi Premium Premium Member

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    I am shameless

    I plan on enjoying my holiday by playing some Overwatch and enjoying Fifth Job. I'll also be going out to dinner with my family, and my father will be visiting from 100 miles away. I'm getting a overwatch keyboard, overwatch mouse, overwatch mouse mat and the Mischief plush (so adorable!) for Christmas, and I'm looking so forward to it.
  8. heroworld1

    heroworld1 Veteran Hacker

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    :) my plan is driving my Jeep Wrangler 4x4 monster to New York upstate mountain with my big crew.
  9. wecwec

    wecwec Informed Hacker

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    I plan on flying back to the family in Mountain View from LA. It'll be nice to spend time with family since we're all scattered now. Gotta do some last minute gift shopping before I get there. After that, we're gonna drive up to Lake Tahoe to chill at a lodge we booked for two days. Overall, just planning on spending some quality time with family in the snow :p
  10. JohnCena

    JohnCena Lurker

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    I will be giving homeless people some food. I want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday. This only happen once a year. I will be watching fireworks in the sky over my city. Probably play less Maplestory and take this time of the year to enjoy what I've accomplished. Lastly, I will take the fight to the Under Taker. Afterall, I am JOHN CENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  11. vSharpies

    vSharpies Prominent Hacker

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    During the course of vacation, I always plan on staying home with my family. The rest of our family is either in Europe or Florida, so we try to make the most of making moments together. Within the days of break, I tend to hang out with my brother because he is in college and our time together is limited, plus I typically miss gaming or chilling with him. Most times we have family friends over before the day of Christmas to present presents to others and have a content time. Once Christmas Eve comes, we tend to celebrate with our traditions of 12 dishes for the 12 days of Christmas. It's all food that you can only eat that you find in the winter time so no vegetables or processed foods. Once we have finished eating we usually sing carols as a tradition since my Father plays the piano and practices songs. Once we do that, we go to Midnight Mass. The next day we have our typical Christmas day of waiting for the parents as usual and taking turns opening presents and admiring them since we aren't very materialistic. Then, throughout the day we go our separate ways in the house to either make food for later, play billiards, perhaps a bit of computer games, and more. I really always enjoy my routine each year of doing all of this during the break since it has some sentimental value to it for me personally. I don't believe anything beats spending time with family, practicing yearly traditions and making memories. I guess you could say that's how I enjoy my break and holiday as a whole. Cheers.
  12. Lamp1996

    Lamp1996 Premium Premium Member

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    :) Thanks for all the hacks, i really appreciate them! They have made my maple life so much more enjoyable!!!
  13. RiceBaby

    RiceBaby R i c e Premium Member

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    Nothing special, planning on finishing 40 hours of community service at a nearby recreational center and possibly complete my list of animes that i was hoping to get done watching by the end of the year :relaxed:
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  14. tianc

    tianc The New Guy

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    Will be using Lotion and a box of tissue.
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  15. alexpaik

    alexpaik Premium Premium Member

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    My family and I always go down to one of the local homeless shelters and serve lunch to the people there on Christmas eve. It's always nice to remember to be grateful for what you have and to give back whenever you can. Everyone deserves to have a merry Christmas.
  16. JZ1996

    JZ1996 Lurker

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    Will be jerking off with my left hand and cubing gear with my right. Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. maxrev3

    maxrev3 The New Guy

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    im going up to mount bachelor and trying out my brand new 2016 ski doo 800 snowmobile with a few friends
  18. lNeedHacks

    lNeedHacks Premium Premium Member

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    Ayy I'm going to Korea :)
  19. Hackmeup

    Hackmeup Lurker

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    Christmas wif fam, going back to north korea, and celebrate new years there
  20. bubalarba

    bubalarba Veteran Hacker

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    Planning on botting some good ol' messos and studying.
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