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Discussion in 'Forum News & Announcements' started by Blaze, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. Akinari

    Akinari Fanatic Hacker

    Since I was divided by seas from my home and dont celebrate christmas.. I'm just going to enjoy my holiday with my GF in here.. It might be fun to visiting some new place in here because I have no time to walking around

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  2. Blaze

    Blaze A dreamer Staff Member

    End Date:
    Dec - 18, 10:00 PM EST
  3. iMagNus

    iMagNus Premium Premium Member

    This year i've moved on to live alone at 21y, 1:30h far from parents, and of my son. Didn't see my parents for 10 months, also unfortunelly my son for 3 months (because of his mom), so ive changed everything i needed in my life to be close to the ones i loved all my life, and moved again back to my parents (for a while since i've got an house next to they) and wonned an injury cause against his mom to be able to see him at least 3 times/week. As we don't celebrate holidays, I WON THE WEEKEND to be with him, WITH MY PARENTS and my new love after 5 years without anyone. Man this coins will make me better ofc cuz mony for games is not available (houses is expensives believe me) so this weekend will be the most beautiful and lovely weekend, and after this i'll be beautiful at mapling. <3 that's it.
  4. Aceforlife12

    Aceforlife12 The New Guy

    I'm not gonna ask for sympathy here with sad stories. I'll be honest too. I'm gonna do nothing great lmao. I'll chill, eat lots of delicious food and watch anime, play a little bit of maple and maybe start exercising again. However I've gotta study during my christmas holidays so I'll be doing a bit of that too!

    Oh yeah I'll get a haircut too. I look homeless even though I stay at home all day... the irony!
    If you were looking for an incredible story or plan then I've lost already my life isn't exciting lolol but it's worth a shot right?
  5. ADuKa

    ADuKa Informed Hacker

    what im going to do for christmas .... sadly


  6. BlackBunny

    BlackBunny Premium Premium Member

    I'll be spending my christmas farming mesos and chilling with people on maple :`D
  7. DVilla10

    DVilla10 The New Guy

    If I win I will pay for the membership and get funny with new maple :D
  8. sepsep

    sepsep The New Guy

    Planning on get level 200 to get the 20k maple rewards :)
  9. poopybuddy

    poopybuddy The New Guy

    I'm probably gonna just stay in my room and play league if my family isn't having a party. I'd used this karma koin card as a excuse to play maple again lol
  10. shmurda

    shmurda Lurker

    I plan on doing dabs with my cousins then going to the zoo / German fair / Architecture tour !
  11. Shawn Lee

    Shawn Lee The New Guy

    I'm a senior in high school. College decisions are coming out so I'm a bit nervous. But I am hopeful I will get into a college that I will be happy at and this winter break will be nice to finally relax from all the stress and get in some maple grind. And also spend some quality time with family :)
  12. FaZeGaben

    FaZeGaben The New Guy

    I will enjoy my holiday break and staying home until its back to school. I am probably just gonna sleep most of the time and play Maplestory xd
  13. Kaze

    Kaze Lurker

    I'm gonna chill and reconnect with high school friends it's been quite a while. Oh ya gotta play a bit of ms and other games XD. Maybe do a bit of exercise so I don't die when I need to run for a bus or something xd
  14. vincent916

    vincent916 Premium Premium Member

    For the break, I plan to visit my girlfriend who lives in another state. We're both freshman in college and its been awhile since I've been able to see her. We met over the game we are all here today for - maplestory - and soon grew close over it as well. Many people talk about how a maple relationship, or an online relationship rather, never works out; but, I am here to say it is because we will be spending the holidays together - like a real couple - not saying we aren't a real couple - would. Though, to be honest, im not 100% sure what "real couples do" as it is my first serious relationship, and we are kind of long distance (3300 miles). I know it will include spending time with her family, going on a few dates, maybe cook some meals together and go to the amusement park. You know, things people can do on a daily basis. Even if its something like just being in the same room and being able to hold each other, that would be beyond amazing. The holidays are filled with opportunities for each of us to grasp within the moment; I plan on doing just that. On addition, with the NX, I would split half and half with her as these small little surprises are always memorable to us as we get to do something like bond over jealous of the nx one gets that the other doesn't. Regardless of this whole post, happy holidays Gamekiller!
  15. Takarax

    Takarax Lurker

    Gonna spend my break with my depression and self loathing.
  16. Magicbean

    Magicbean The New Guy

    Just finished all my exams! Planning spending some quality time with friends old and new who are finally free and/or back in town for the holidays.

    That and dank memes!!! Can't forget about those.
  17. boot0zHi

    boot0zHi Premium Premium Member

    Wake up at 3am start making breakfast , eat breakfast, throw out the rest of my breakfast. Push out my cart at 4am. Start making breakfast at 5am , sell breakfast, then throw out other people's breakfast. Go home at 12 in the afternoon. Start making breakfast for my chigga. Put on some 21 savage and open up GK website and GK manager start meso farming.Go to sleep at 2 , before falling asleep. Pray to Blallah hoping i win this 20 karma bucks, or ima send my expired breakfast combo to blaze's address.
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  18. WhatIsHacks

    WhatIsHacks Premium Premium Member

    My last exam is on the 21st, 12PM.

    My dad booked a half day off so we will have lunch and probably walk around the mall for a while.

    I will come home, have some coke and rum (by some I mean 4 shots or so), and enjoy the rest of the night.

    Then, I will start all my botting plans which include
    - setting up 40 bots (replacing my current 40 with differnt jobs+setups)
    - get my 23x to 5th job+ hack in new maps
    - Build a 3rd PC (Either brand new or upgrade current one to run 40)

    Hopefully buy terminal, assuming the features I'm waiting for (proxy support, auto blaster) are added by then. Then I will make some videos and maybe write an eBook containing some tips and maps, depending on what I can give away as info. I really want to get some sort of title on this forum. maybe even support or at least something to do with promo and showcasing the hacks. I have many ideas and have already discussed some, but there is always more to be made.

    Then it's literally a profit mine for me to maximize with all my bots :)

    I really want to have 3 computers botting 20 each at MINIMUM by the end of January. All with decent CPU coolers and all that jazz. Hopefully 30-40 each depending on what I do (IE: Elite botiing u can squeeze 40)

    On my main computer I will moderately bot enough to breakeven, and use the rest as funding for my main. I'm also going to dive into reboot botting as I found some neat little tricks that will open some maps for me in reboot, that I have scouted... They are deserted!

    So after I have my computers all set, I have until March to enjoy. That's when I start my masters program. Not technically the holiday season but for me it is, since im literally on holidays until March hahah..

    Some other goals I have is to hopefully get money for gifts as opposed to actual items.. I'll use this money to build the 3rd computer as well
  19. Blaze

    Blaze A dreamer Staff Member

    Quick reminder, this event ends on Dec - 18, 10:00 PM EST
  20. Spanksz1

    Spanksz1 Blaze other account. Premium Member

    I just want a extension on my Terminal. <3
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