Event $20 Karma Koin Giveaway Part 2

Discussion in 'Forum News & Announcements' started by Blaze, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. NaM3L3Ss

    NaM3L3Ss Informed Hacker

    Unfortunately I have to work, Was suppose to have the 24 and the 25 off, but noped! Boss changed my schedule ;/

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  2. phil c

    phil c Informed Hacker

    Doing dailies on maplestory cause i cant solo hmag yet
  3. Insui

    Insui Premium Premium Member

    Spending christmas with my friends while Terminal do some work for me <3
  4. atoecha

    atoecha Lurker

    Going 2 have a feast with the family play maplestory and snowboarding aswel so buys weeks
  5. David Massay

    David Massay The New Guy

    I will be staring at my empty christmas tree and playing maplestory.
  6. josh32

    josh32 Lurker

    fappping alone at home because i aint got any friends :(
  7. NigerianPrince

    NigerianPrince The New Guy

    I'm gonna sit infront of my computer and do nothing
    Probably gonna fap a lot
    Might go out with friends, probably not...
    Got tons of homework to do, well fuck that. AMIRIGHT?

    Happy xmas everyone! :)
  8. vincomnis

    vincomnis Lurker

    4 days of family visiting, and then brewing some christmas beers!:grin:
  9. yaskaran1

    yaskaran1 The New Guy

    I'm thinking about having a couple of friends over for a cypher, roll some green up pass the Dutchy to the left and sing some Christmas carols :)

    Merry X-Mas to all & happy holidays
  10. ElpeepsNoobie

    ElpeepsNoobie Fanatic Hacker

    Gonna hunt some wildgoose (=`ω´=)

    I don't celebrate, but still gonna hunt them & make profits, if can't then gonna eat em all.
  11. KrustyMan34

    KrustyMan34 The New Guy

    Planning on afk botting mesos for DMT while hanging out with my family
    Seems like a solid plan, yea? :P
  12. cooont

    cooont The New Guy

    Haha 2x it's about to start and i love it a love christmas and life and everything haha nexon is such an amazing company haha i love nexon i plan on spending christmas with those amazing 2 times i love it i wish 2x was all day haha xD
  13. teteu123sa

    teteu123sa Lurker

    gonna eat a lot of chicken :v
  14. Rolld

    Rolld The New Guy

    Im going to to be alone with my bf...
    So... we will do some good stuff together...
    After I get some good itens on maple ofc lol
  15. jadps4

    jadps4 Informed Hacker

    Spending it with the family then going over to the gfs house ;) if i win youll all get nudes <3
  16. Dnite

    Dnite The New Guy

    Just going to enjoy the holidays before I head over to Japan to study abroad. Mostly gonna hang out with friends and leave the bots running at home, haha. Christmas time is fun time, ya know?
  17. SikMool

    SikMool Premium Premium Member

    I'm getting a new account on maplestory and gonna try out the 5th job! So much hype x))
  18. Galbi12

    Galbi12 Lurker

    During my Christmas break i plan on finishing the painting i painted for the family and secretly going to the mall to buy my family some surprise gifts. Also plan to take them all out for an hour or so, out of the house, decorate the house with Christmas holiday theme decorations. For this Christmas i want to be the one surprising everyone since every Christmas my parents manage to surprise me.
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  19. alphabetical

    alphabetical The New Guy

    Buy gifts for friends, loved ones, travel to Maine to visit my grandparents and try to relax the few days I'm off.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  20. oODarkSlayerOo

    oODarkSlayerOo Informed Hacker

    Im planing on going to my gf's house and celebrate xmas night with her family. And for new year, shes coming to my house and celebrate with my family :) I hope i get those 20$ karma koin :D
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