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    Please read the whole thread before messaging me on Discord so that if you aren't interested in what I am offering that we do not waste each other's time. Also please tell me on Discord that you saw my Pawn Shop thread on GK and are interested.

    I will just get straight to the fucking point here. I want to make money. You want to get rid of your MapleStory assets. The most important thing to me is time efficiency, I won't waste your time. I will be offering around 50-80% of the price I am going to sell your Mesos/items at depending on what it is. Payment methods I have are PayPal Goods and Services (this comes with a small % fee for you based on your country, I am US), Pixel Market (offers chargeback protection if you are worried that I will chargeback on you, comes with a large fee for you), and sometimes Venmo (US-only phone application with no fee, but I have a weekly limit that is constantly being hit so there is a high chance that this will not be available)

    I want as many Mesos as possible in all GMS worlds.

    I am also always looking to buy specific items such as Frenzy Totems, End-game Gear (22*, finished potentials and flames), valuable consumables such as Firestarter Coupons, and bulk Elite Drops, Drop Gear, etc. I am NOT looking to buy gear that is not best-in-slot or trash HOWEVER luckily for you, there is an Auction House in-game where you can sell items for Mesos and search to see what is currently for sale, and what has sold in the past 3 months. You can use the tool on the left side of the Auction House in-game to search specific traits that match your exact item. If you can't find any info on how much you should sell it for, try searching for similar items such as gear for other classes with around the same % stat, etc. If you sell all of your items in the Auction House in-game I will happily give you cash for all the Mesos you can possibly get.

    If you are one of the scammers lurking on GK forums trying to scam people for a quick buck so you can afford more dragon dildos, you can go to the next thread because I am not your guy (or just go fuck yourself). I will NOT be willing to give payment before receiving my Mesos/items unless I already know and trust you, or if someone I trust can assure me that you won't run off with my cash.

    Why you should trust me? I have dealt with many people on this site (including GK staff for several years) and off this site on MapleStory Discords, Pixel Market, and the rival site (which is not currently accessible). Here is a link to a thread of mine on GK with a lot of vouchers and I have many positive customer reviews on Pixel Market that I can link in Discord to you and verify they are mine by messaging you in Pixel Chat to confirm you are talking to me on Discord.

    If you understand all of the above things and are interested in cashing out your MapleStory assets for cheap, please add me on Discord at Fawko#4540 (146739710054629376) and we can have a discussion regarding your assets and what I can do for you. Thanks and have a nice day.
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