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    Recently I saw someone post a thread in the general section asking if terminal was "worth it" and that got me thinking. But first some backstory.

    I first purchased and used Terminal back in 2015 when Phantoms had just come out and had a great time exploring these new classes and leveling them with the use of Terminal. After getting used to the program, terminal gave me the chance to make some classes that I had played legit in the past but I could no longer grind like I did back when I was in middle school and high school. I was able to get a few Dark Knights and Shadowers to 200 (prior to the cap adjustment to 250) and this was somewhat of a fulfilling feeling because I had not gotten past 150 on different accounts.

    Fast forward to today, I've come back and this is the 2nd month of terminal that I have purchased this year. In regards to that user's question of if terminal is worth it or not, I would definitely say it depends.

    For personal use, I am a big fan of the freedom that it allows. I am able to solo bosses which has always been somewhat of a goal for me but I do not have the funding or damage range for it without terminal. The premium community itself has also been quite helpful with such things as prequest scripts and helpful insight regarding what is required to properly solo certain bosses. At some point, I may look into setting up a meso farm system like some of the users here because I would like to have a few characters who are appropriate for end game but this reinforces my point; terminal offers the freedom of being able to do what you want with it.

    I had gone a month or so without terminal after a ban on my main (luckily I was able to appeal) but while playing legit, I had forgotten the nice conveniences like auto-buff and auto-pot. Things that I could pay nexon for but ultimately my experience with the game had been irreversibly changed. For me personally, I would say that terminal is worth it because even after all these years I have somewhat of a lingering attachment to this game and I have been able to explore this new content without being too concerned about needing to grind. The convenience that terminal has provided has allowed me to come back to Maplestory and avoid the frustrations that had caused me to leave all those years ago. I hope that I'll be able to reach end game on my own terms and see how things go from there.
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