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    It's like the second time I enter this forum, as you will have noticed for months that I created my account.
    I do not handle it very well.
    But I will do my best to be understood using Google Translate: v

    Hi, my name is Ana, i'm from Venezuela.I am
    21 years old,
    I graduated high school.
    I tried to study medicine, but I did not succeed

    At age 10, a misfortune occurs in my family.
    My mother dies of a heart attack, and only my dad, my older brother, my middle brother and I, the youngest.:emoji_cry:
    But that did not stop me from moving forward. I had to be the woman of the house.
    Anyway, I do not come to pity you with that story
    When I turned 15, I got into the world of games, which could be played on a normal PC.
    For not counting, with the necessary resources to have at least one laptop, I left it.
    Then in my school, they gave away some very basic pc's
    View attachment 37876
    With that I count now, but it was not like that a few months ago.
    I have a boyfriend a year and three months ago. He, last year selling his MS1 accounts, managed to buy a PC, obviously, for him
    I do not know much about PCs, I just know that it has a Xeon processor, an MSI video card, and a mother card from ... I do not remember hahaha and fan that I bought it for amazon.
    That is your pc currently.
    Because of him buying his own table pc, he gave me his laptop ...
    A Dell inspiron n5110 View attachment 37877
    There, he taught me to work through games
    We try in ArcheAge, Blade and Soul and finally Dragon Nest.
    But, it did not work
    ArcheAge went to hell
    With BNS, we tried but our internet, I do not help at all
    And DN, because the NA server, it does not work much that we say
    so we decided to wait for MS2.
    And that's when the next thing happened ... To the laptop he gave me, he dropped a glass of water on top of it.:emoji_disappointed_relieved:
    And guess who was left without work?
    Yes, me.
    With the pc that I currently have (image 1) of joke I can play league of legends.

    They will think that I come to give them pity ... And yes, it may be, but I'm sick of this and I want to get out of here as soon as possible or just have a decent pc to help my boyfriend have money.
    As a last resort, I come to this forum to ask for help, either with a council or monetarily. It is wrong to do this, but I have exhausted all my ideas
    Farewell, a Venezuelan Frustrated:emoji_kiss:
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