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Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Questions' started by alalal312, Nov 26, 2016.

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  1. alalal312

    alalal312 Israel Veteran Hacker

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    Hello everyone I'm abit new to GK
    I created this account a while ago but just started posting and stuff and my question is:

    Is it okay to create 2~3 Threads a day in a certain forum about related stuff of course for an example, let's say that i want to create a thread about something random that pops in my head in Chit-Chat & Community Discussion, would it be considered as spam if i make 2~3 of these threads a day?

    I just want to know that i'm not doing anything that is against the rules because i haven't seen any rule that forbid this, but just in case!


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  2. chilote7614

    chilote7614 Chile Lurker

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    I am new and I have the same question

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