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    Account Sale Rules & Etiquette
    All the offical rules still apply here, unless said otherwise in this thread!

    Trading GK Accounts
    No trading GameKiller accounts or VIP memberships.

    You may bump only once every 24 hours. Simply saying "bump" will suffice, but remember to follow the
    for bumping outside of this section!

    Before going onto selling your account, make sure you are near the right value of your account. There's a price check section location beneath the Account Sales section. No one likes to be traded for less, nor do they like getting jipped out of money.

    The title of your thread comes in handy, especially when buyers/sellers are looking for something in particular. They will look for the main key words of what their desired buying/selling thread might look like. For example: You're selling a MapleStory account in the world Bera, with the job Hero, fully equipped, with full account information. Your title should be along the lines of "MapleStory Hero in Bera, Full Equips! FULL INFO!". This helps people browse through threads. Don't forget to add your prefixes!

    When selling an account, please include as much information as you can. Your interested buyers would love to know as much as possible about the account before purchasing or trading for it.

    Screen Shots
    Screen shots are MANDATORY unless there's no screen shots available for what you're selling. When including a screen shot, think about the most important things to show your buyer.Remember to edit your screen shot before posting and remove the name of your character due to security issues. Remove your experience bar while in the process of doing this too.

    Name your acceptance price/deal when selling an account. When naming your acceptance list, don't be shy to go into full detail. However, that shouldn't give you the thought of going way overboard and out of the price range of what your account would usually be worth.

    Rules/How-To When Giving Feedback
    1. Members of Gamekiller cannot make false trades to boost up their feedback % in order to scam members in the forum.

    2. It is required that you gave the seller his/her correct feedback; this goes for buyers also.

    3. You will not harass other members about the feedback they have given you.

    4. You are allowed to dispute feedback that you think was wrongfully given; having a strong evidence of some sort will be helpful for your claim.

    How to Give Feedback

    Immediately after a trade, you should submit feedback for the user you just traded with, and request that they submit feedback for you as well.

    To get to a person's feedback page, click on the little number above their avatar where it says "Feedback Score".
    Example: [​IMG]

    Here, you can see the feedback that a user has received in the past. To submit feedback click "Submit Feedback for ________.

    How to fill out the Feedback form:
    1) Select whether you were the Buyer, the Seller, or if you two Traded.
    2) Select if your experience during the trade was POSITIVE, NEUTRAL, or NEGATIVE.
    3) Write a short comment describing the trade. For example, "Great trade, went very smoothly, thanks for the account."
    4) Put the Deal Thread URL here. This is required so moderators, smods, and admins can refer to the URL of the trade if something suspicious is going on.
    5) Put any additional comments for the person you traded with to read. The staff can read these comments as well, but no one else can.
    6) Click here when you're all done!

    That's it. Don't scam, build up your rep, and become a trusted and respected member of the GameKiller Market.

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