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    Quoted from site: "It is now possible to verify the fairness of each game played by yourself. Thanks to Provably Fair system, no one can possibly know the outcome of a specific deck until the results are generated.

    FortuneJack allows players to see how outcomes are based on the gambler's input and a secret number that is disclosed and changed for every round in every game. This allows players to verify that the game was played fair.

    All of the games offered by FortuneJack are and always will be Provably Fair."

    FortuneJack is easily the most updated and functional btc casino.

    It offers a free daily chance at a 1000mbtc drawing, "luckyjack."

    Easy deposit (2-58 minutes). Easy withdrawal. (.001 btc minimum) (0.5 - 3 minutes)

    Deposit your btc. Win profit, and cash out within minutes.

    Min bet for blackjack: 0.001 btc

    Min bet for dice: 0.00000010 btc
    Chat system active
    Jackpot available

    Poker tables via internet browser.

    Register and/or deposit via ref link:

    There are live tables to gamble at, while watching hawt babes

    Nice Features:
    exchange coins and gamble with altcoins:









    Also, alternative cashout options:





    This site has binary options and many more

    Also: One could buy btc with a debit/credit @ (top right-hand corner -> buy btc)

    Important notice:

    If you take a bonus from depositing, there will be certain conditions in withdrawing.
    Current promotions as of 10/21/16:
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    I don't understand :$
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    It is the best casino to gamble btc and alt coins. It is provably fair, which means you'll get better odds against the house. Take advantage of the promotions to double or multiply your deposit. Read the disclaimer on bonuses before depositing

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