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  1. maplestk

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    What is binary options?

    It is a trading style that allows investors to gain profits with predictions.

    There are two ways to win.

    Place a call (stock goes up)
    Place a put (stock goes down)

    The concept is very simple. I believe that systems must be simple in order for people to succeed.

    Register and deposit at

    You will receive a complimentary guide on how to succeed and profit. (Can also purchase via my rocketR page. Pm with details)

    Free mentoring via skype upon successful deposit.

    Pm me for proof of earnings or any type of binary options related questions.

    Thanks in advance and enjoy.

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  2. Firev2

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    any "money making guide" which is sold means the method/guide itself doesn't make enough money for its buyers. Hence needing to sell the method to make money instead of using it.
  3. generic123

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    Also binary options are dumb af dont do them

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