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    I wanted to share my experience with Terminal and how much it has done for me in the past few months.

    To give you a little bit of a background to my story, I began playing MapleStory back in 2007 when it was Version .62 I remember that I had a cleric and managed to get the third job after months of training and grinding, unfortunately, I forgot the account's password and could not recover it, but since then I was really into playing Maplestory. I left MapleStory for a while and came back I think it was after the big bang, I managed to play legit for a few months, but it did not feel right at all, so I began to use free trainers or public releases to level my mules or link skills faster. By doing it with free trainers you don't really have much support or follow up when there is an update, and after a few updates, I could not find anything free that would fit my needs.

    Then again, I left MapleStory for a while but kept the account, when I wanted to come back I saw the newest updates and decided to give Maplestory another shot, I chose another world and began anew, I got pretty far with a Cadena by playing legit, but then again all the training and grinding became boring and monotonous, as I have always been a big fan of this site, I was constantly checking what was new, what were the new releases even if I was not playing MapleStory and that is when I came across Terminal, and it all changed for me from that moment on.

    I decided to purchase terminal to give it a try, and as anyone that uses Terminal for the first time, there are things that you get wrong at the beginning, but with the help of this awesome community and support team, you manage to get familiar with terminal very fast.

    I have accomplished many things that for me they could have been impossible without a terminal, like:

    1. I got my main character to Level 250
    2. I managed to enter the Top 10 in my world and Top 15 in my job class
    3. I have more mesos that I could spend on all my characters.
    4. I made my first account sale
    5. I am more used to farm with multiple mules and not just 1
    6. I can solo bosses

    Those are just a few things terminal has made possible for me, and I am planning to widen my scope and try to make some profit out of it and use that profit for other projects that I have.

    I have been on Terminal for a few months now, and I am not planning to leave any time soon. If there are any questions or want me to give you more details about my story or help you decide to purchase Terminal, then feel free to contact me, but I will say it to all those who are doubting right now, purchase Terminal, it will be literally a game changer for you.

    I cannot forget to Thank all those who make Terminal possible without you, I would not be here.
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    Thanks for this bro! Terminal makes life ez bro
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    Great guy, super friendly and helpful. Nice testimonial!

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