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Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by porzingod93, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. porzingod93

    porzingod93 The New Guy

    Anyone know the ratings of botting classes?

    I want to nkow the lowest funding required to be able to kill bosses.

    Main account got banned for 2 weeks so I want to make an alt account that can carry my other account for bossees like CRA/Hellux with lowest funding as possible.

    Between Blaster/Aran/BW/Kinesis what are the rankings for these? And is there anything else I can do on a side account? I dont want to meso farm too much

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  2. sportsboy098

    sportsboy098 Premium Premium Member

    Lol if you want bossing without funding/meso farming, go DB. Once it's 5th job, you can solo hmag at ~70k range, CRA at ~100k (so I'm told, I have yet to test), and hellux at 160k (again, unconfirmed by myself, but I'm told that). As for the others, in my opinion:
    Blaster (only because I've never tried it)
  3. porzingod93

    porzingod93 The New Guy

    thing is aran and kin can mob vac, all 4 can fma i believe. db cant. lol
  4. num2007

    num2007 Fanatic Hacker

    but all 4 cant kill boss without funding...
  5. porzingod93

    porzingod93 The New Guy

    they all have good si with no delay, im just wondering which is the best.
  6. dcrdcr

    dcrdcr Informed Hacker

    How does the DB thing work? Simply SI the 5th job skill?
  7. Mapleisp2w

    Mapleisp2w Fanatic Hacker

    blaster best farming hacker
    db best bosser hacker

    yes, SI No delay
  8. sportsboy098

    sportsboy098 Premium Premium Member

    Did you even read his post? He asked which can kill bosses without funding. 1st, you don't need fma for bossing. 2nd db has 100% IED. Obviously on top.
  9. waddup

    waddup Veteran Hacker

    Aran needs funding for both farming and bossing.
  10. mastamitche

    mastamitche The New Guy

    Thoughts on F/P?
  11. Kiritozzzzx

    Kiritozzzzx The New Guy

    Blaster. Op farming. U can do cra and hellux at 200k range
  12. apek6409

    apek6409 Premium Premium Member

    kinesis ftw... btw mental tempest ignore some defense as well though I'm not sure how much..

    1.alot of self buff
    2.passive atk increase(one of their skill passively increase magic atk just by lvling up the skill)
    3.most of the buff is OP(can technically double up your range)
    4.not so hard to lvl up/can be used as a meso farmer
    5.still a strong char even without hack
    6.still need a lil bit of funding(prolly few days of farming)
  13. jkl381

    jkl381 |♚ Quality Assured ♚| Premium Member

    Lowest funding for bossing is definitely DB atm
  14. shanks203

    shanks203 Fanatic Hacker


    Him GND ignore 50% of enemy deff and have 100% critical chance.
    Him have skills to powerup the damage of GND (Mental Tremor, for example).
  15. waddup

    waddup Veteran Hacker

    Db bosses best
  16. sportsboy098

    sportsboy098 Premium Premium Member

    It's 50% ignore. Which is definitely still nice but since it's multiplicative it's not really as good as it seems.
    Still correct on those other 6 points though. I love my kinesis
  17. arelus

    arelus Fanatic Hacker

    blaster = best farmer
    DB = best bosser
    kinesis = jack of all trades, not better than blaster at farming or db at bossing but pretty damn close.

    thats not to say that blaster cant boss, he can boss pretty well, but DB farm efficiency is extremely low
  18. Naoel

    Naoel The New Guy

    how to farm with blaster 100+ ? i mean all bot setup
  19. Instruments

    Instruments Informed Hacker

    Wait can I ask what is SI? I'm thinking about creating a DB to help boss for my main acc
  20. sportsboy098

    sportsboy098 Premium Premium Member

    Skill injection. Basically spams a skill ignoring the cooldown

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