Buying NA+11Void Aisha,Elesis,Rena,Rose,Eve, Ara

Discussion in 'ELSWORD Online' started by killzone9876, Apr 4, 2018.

Discuss Buying NA+11Void Aisha,Elesis,Rena,Rose,Eve, Ara in the ELSWORD Online area at

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    Here are my conditions:
    They must have a +11 void apocalypse weapon
    They must be from NA
    And must have one special title (Reaper, Eclipse, OoR)

    The title has them in order from which ones I want from greatly wanting an aisha to sure I’ll take a ara if you offer me them.

    I’ll offer a great amount of for b.o

    We can negotiate because I know cosutumes, armor, and etc into factor

    Contact me discord : killzone9876#0594
    Or kik me AshDenysDave

    I do PP and will pay first but must prove to me that you are not a scammer.

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