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    DAILY BOSSES (solo loot)
    Hellux (daily): $5 Available
    Hellux (7 days): $25

    WEEKLY BOSSES (solo loot + boss drops)
    Hard Magnus: $3 Available
    Chaos Zakum: $3 Available
    Chaos Papulatus: $5 Available
    Normal Cygnus: $3 Available
    Chaos first 3 doors: $6 Available
    Chaos Vellum: $5 Available
    or 3 doors + Vellum: $10
    Akechi: $3 Available
    Normal Lotus: $7 Available
    Normal Damien: $7 Available
    Nlomien bundle: $12

    WEEKLY BOSSES (group run/instanced loot)(Friday-Sunday runs)
    Hard Damien :$15 Available
    Hard Lotus: $20 Available
    Hard Lucid: $30 Available
    Hard Will: $35 Available
    Hlucid Hwill bundle: $60
    • Carries on characters with drop rate ranging from 220-260% on items + 100% drop rate familiar + max decent holy symbol + 50% drop coupon. (At least 374%)
    • Extra drop% such as Wealth Potion (20% multiplicative) will be used during harder bosses in the group runs.
    • You will be taken solo runs as soon as possible once you order, and Hard bosses will be scheduled to accommodate everyone's time
    • You may bring a buddy of your choosing for any solo loot runs free of charge.
    • Most of these bosses will only take a couple seconds. Nlomien will take <4 minutes, Hdamien 10min~, and Hlotus <10min, Hlucid 10min~, Hwill depends~. So you don't have to worry much about dying out.
    • For bosses such as Hlotus,Hdam.Hlucid, and especially Hwill, I highly recommend that you know or familiarize yourself with the boss mechanics, so that we can avoid any reruns.
    • Everyone will have 1 rerun attempt asap if they do die out any boss, or the next week for group bosses.
    • No login info required and no hacks will be used in the run.
    You can contact me on discord LeeSingedra#3038 for a fast response and for more questions or offers on more long term deals.
    Will accept payment in KarmaKoin or PayPal friends and family.
    Open to questions about boss mechanics, class progression, etc.​
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    +1 fast and easy 3 door carry

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