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Discussion in 'Game Killer APP Discussion' started by Dro7676, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Dro7676

    Dro7676 The New Guy

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    Any way you think it possible to hack this app? Without rooting your phone? I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and that failed miserably trying to root which made me just had to get a brand new one.

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  2. nodwer

    nodwer The New Guy

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    hmm i saw on some theard here that you cant hack clash royale :/
  3. killzforlife

    killzforlife United States The New Guy

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    Would love to see some clash royal hacks!
  4. Peurto Riconi

    Peurto Riconi United States The New Guy

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    Clash royale hacks could be a cool addition to the game! I got bored with it after awhile
  5. Dequality

    Dequality Denmark Informed Hacker

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    About hacking Clash Royale, there is several bots out there :)

    There is 2 options as far as i know.

    1) Download MEmu (Emulator for android phone/tablet), google it.
    2) Download XModGames on your iPhone/Tablet(Requires jailbreak) , Android Phone/Tablet (requires root).

    It's not free (The MEmu solution, which is for computer (don't know if it works on mac) It's like 10$ a month for the bot.
  6. jkl381

    jkl381 United States |♚ Quality Assured ♚|

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    Clash Royale unhackable atm due to its server-sided nature.
    Unless you find a way to hack the server itself -- I will applaud you if you can XD
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  7. hyun7241

    hyun7241 The New Guy

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    Thanks guy^__^
  8. Leftnickgo

    Leftnickgo The New Guy

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    Clash Royale is not a game you can hack for your servers, but you can use bot there are many search by YouTube appear
  9. Jeff

    Jeff United States Trusted Seller ✓

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    nice jobb u pulled up a post last active 3 months ago

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