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Discussion in 'Other Games Market' started by Cicilene, Apr 23, 2018.

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    I haven't done one of these since...A while ago.
    Before I start, I'd like to say, I've been scammed before, so am very wary of being taken advantage of again. With that being said, let's do some good and honest black market business, yeah?

    Anyway to describe the account...
    - Level 66 Yuri with a full SoD set,. Geared with previous PG stuff, but you know, not endgame anymore.
    - Level 60 Sylvi, full SoD as well: Geared with old 60 cap stuff.
    - Level 60 Levia with Ivory Icon set
    - Level 53 (? Could be 52) Seha with bits and pieces of Onyx Icon
    - Level 27 Tina with Ivory Icon set and another regular costume set.
    - Level 27 J with Ivory Icon set.

    Other goodies: +12 gear booster, 2 Ash Sweater Costume boxes, and 1 Tan Sweater Costume box. There are a few other costume pieces that I pulled from Icon here and there that I have lying around...And elite status until April 9th, 2019, I think.

    As a good show of faith, the reason I'm selling the account is because EME is taking far too long to release the other two reasons I started playing the game, which aside from Yuri, is Violet and Special Agent promotions.
    Anyhow, my Discord...is Creda#7117. If you are interested, you can leave a post here, but the fastest way would be to contact me through Discord. It would also be prudent that you come with an offer of how much you would expect to pay (As well as clearly stating the fact that you are interested, obviously), and we can work something out.

    Note: Undercuts will be ignored and you will obviously not be receiving the purchase until you pay. As well, an amount that I'd consider way above the value of the account, will be taken EXTREMELY skeptically, but we can talk about the specifics of that should it actually happen.
    I will include a single screenshot of the characters simply to display them in their respective costumes, should you require something a little more of substance, we can talk about it and I'll see what I can do.

    Honesty is my first policy and credibility my second. Thank you for looking over my thread, and I hope you enjoy your day.
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