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    Hey there, I am a Graphic designer/artist, and will be providing GFX service for anybody that is looking for some designs. I am specialize in web design, and can do anything from logos, templates, signatures etc.
    I have done a lot of work in the past especially creating thread layouts and designs.

    • I have very affordable rates for the work and can negotiate for sure.
    • If you have a shop for selling meso, leech etc I can help you reach out and make your thread look better than some text or a simple design. Its a good investment.
    • You can reach me via PM, I will add more contact info soon.
    Some past work:


    Heres a design that is on sale. If you are interested in a custom design or this one, PM me.
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    (Bump) New designs in stock. PM me if you need any templates, logos etc

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