D3Reveal - Diablo 3 Map Hack (Free Version & Safe to Use)

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 Map Hack' started by EvilRick, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. Drigan

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  2. teqifsha

    teqifsha Premium Premium Member

    Realistically, why use this over something like TurboHUD?
  3. EvilRick

    EvilRick The Rickest Rick gkay c0derr

    Why use Mac OS over Windows? Why drive an SUV when you can drive a bicycle? Variety is the spice of life.

    Some people may not like the extra clutter from TurboHUD. Some people may not like using a product that has so many users and ban rumors. Some people may not like the way the creator of TurboHUD hold's back releases and forces people to buy in to the beta. When I released it, it was the only tool available to work on the new patch/season. I don't think you can even use TurboHUD right now, so the best reason is because, it works. ;)

    tl / dr - Because it works with the current version and is actually available to download.
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  4. teqifsha

    teqifsha Premium Premium Member

    Fair enough, I haven't played D3 in over a year anyway, I was just curious.
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  5. Trey Hutchens

    Trey Hutchens Lurker

    Thanks going to try it out!
  6. YasuWitch

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    thank you very much
  7. Mikey

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  8. synkz

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    thanks mate, hope supports last version !
  9. Ainakute

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    been looking for this
  10. sicksicksick

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    thanks bro
  11. Kellar B

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    i'll give it a try, ty
  12. gerry_753

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  13. Urofseron

    Urofseron Lurker

    Sweet! Can't wait to try.
  14. Schachi2001

    Schachi2001 Lurker

    hmm is it working
  15. obano123

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    Thanks man :)
  16. NightOkami

    NightOkami Lurker

    works? T.T ...
  17. dogio

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  18. EvilRick

    EvilRick The Rickest Rick gkay c0derr

    It does definitely work. If you are having issues try restarting your gamekiller client.
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  19. cambrien

    cambrien Lurker

    Legit. I'll have to test this out and see whats good. Will report back with findings and bugs.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 15, 2017, Original Post Date: Jan 15, 2017 ---
    After about an hour or so of testing it out. 1. it only loads a large portion of the map when i jump in, not the whole thing at once. 2. It CAN lag the shit outta my game for some reason trying to load in ALL the breakables and the rest of the map that hasn't loaded.. 3. When you have Bounties that you have to "Destroy 4 of whatever" it makes it impossible to find your 4 items as the key items to break are the same object as EVERY other breakable and sometimes it throws the direction of your objective arrows off. So a few suggestions would be 1. Only load breakables that give you loot, boxes chests etc..breakable terrain or parts of a bridge are unnecessary. 2. In regular rifts it shows EVERY mob, instead of just elite packs. 3. In grifts, it would be nice if it could load elites when it loads the whole map, as opposed to being "As you get close", or at least this is what im experiencing . I'll do some further more extensive testing tomorrow when I get online, but this is my findings for now. Aside from these few issues, seems to work as advertised. Thanks for the release brotha.
  20. ayysora

    ayysora Lurker

    Thanks gonna try it out

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