Daily botting achievement log

Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by Qybah, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. nsun48

    nsun48 Premium Premium Member

    Making 11-13mil/minute with kishin. Farmed 7.8bil last night, but still puzzled how some people are supposedly reporting 20mil/min locations... :thinking:

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  2. TheHobo

    TheHobo The New Guy

    Decided to bot at ulu during peak hours instead of overnight like I usually do, and got banned for 2 weeks. Now I decided to make 2 BWs and 2 Kanna mules - farming at safer spots 24/7. I only make like 4m per minute now. :(

    Need to find a better spot!
  3. xSteveHD

    xSteveHD Premium Premium Member

    I'm gonna start botting today. Wish me luck!
  4. wowzombie

    wowzombie Premium Premium Member

    Thank you for the link i was wondering how to open it as well.
  5. ArmChair

    ArmChair The New Guy

    You have to take some of the numbers in this thread with a grain of salt.

    Some people may have meso gear / took their numbers down during 2x.
  6. skelouse

    skelouse The New Guy

    I am just chilling at 100% burning maps trying to not get banned..
  7. BetaGDCT

    BetaGDCT The New Guy

    For me, about 300k per min is good enough, no need to rush myself to get a ban..
  8. bobobo

    bobobo The New Guy

    i probably avrage 1.2b traves a day
  9. krazibiosvn

    krazibiosvn Informed Hacker

    How the shit are you farming that much...
  10. joshhunter1234

    joshhunter1234 Premium Premium Member

    today i got 23x and i havent been whispered in the past 2 ish months once Feelsgood
  11. doudoudou

    doudoudou The New Guy

    I'm not believing it......I only make 1.5mil/min with kishin, 10% meso...
  12. MrArenTheGreat

    MrArenTheGreat The New Guy

    it's always great feeling awesome about your achievements!
  13. Hans Hansen

    Hans Hansen The New Guy

    I'm currently level 179.

    I get around 2-4 level a day (i can't bot while on work because i DC alot :/)

    I also don't farm any meso anymore as the pet loot DC me too much,
  14. BruceDShark

    BruceDShark Informed Hacker

    3.1m/min Reboot 120%meso Kanna
    low key map tho
  15. krazibiosvn

    krazibiosvn Informed Hacker

    **EDIT** Just realized how dumb of a question that was lmao

    Is this in reboot, or a standard server? o_O
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016
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  16. tewrert

    tewrert The New Guy

    Can any one maybe give me any advice on how i can farm more mesos on reboot?
    Im running BW with FMA+Pet lot with 98% Mesos drop rate at low key map, i haven't seen 1 person here for like 2 weeks,
    And other night (10~ hours) I only gain about 30m an hour.
    I dont use kishin ATM, Need to level it up in order to get in these maps.
    But i still see people here farming like 200m\hr or even more, and even with kishin i wont make even close to that.
    Looking for advises PLEASE :P
    Thanks in adv!
  17. BruceDShark

    BruceDShark Informed Hacker


    more meso more risk
    and if you're only making 30m an hour go through places, there are plenty of low key spots getting 2-3m, and level up kishin, easy 75% or so more.

    I made 3.1m/min low key spot using a kanna (123% meso/kami)
    go through maps, think of places, everywhere u wouldn't think to go off the bat is a potential place to farm.
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    filter out the items?
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    mp3 is shit
  18. douglas418

    douglas418 Premium Premium Member

    7m/minute on reboot
    farming as a kanna
    110% meso
    map is deserted, I've never once seen another person here
  19. aris15

    aris15 The New Guy

    Okay, im seeing a lot of reeboot numbers. Is anyone farming on another server? and whats ur rate
  20. paosjdioask

    paosjdioask The New Guy

    People here say "Don't trade your main". How can you fund your main then? Is there any other way to give main money/items?
    Sorry, im just new to all this stuff.

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