Daily botting achievement log

Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by Qybah, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. WhatIsHacks

    WhatIsHacks Premium Premium Member

    What i do is scroll a weapon with spell traces, lets say a fafnir weapon
    put it in shop, buy it with botter, trade back

    Never been banned.
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    In khroa, I make probably 20b total daily; But I partner with my friend too. Together we are making upwards of 40-50b depending on the day.

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  2. alalal312

    alalal312 Veteran Hacker

    Pure mesos made:2.2b
    Spell traces/leaves made:around 10k+-
    Noteable items:None
    Levels gained:1
  3. danceiove

    danceiove Premium Premium Member

    Server: Nonreboot
    mesos:250k/ minute
  4. jkl381

    jkl381 |♚ Quality Assured ♚| Premium Member

    Server: Reboot
    Pure mesos made: 6.4b/11hrs
    Spell traces/leaves made:?
    Noteable items:0
    Levels gained:0
    Job: Kine

    Additional info: auto opening boxes added to meso gain lol
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  5. WhatIsHacks

    WhatIsHacks Premium Premium Member

    With finals coming In i've just been running a few bots to keep steady income.

    Today im hoping to get hilla pet for my last meso farmer; last as in the last one that needed it.

    I also got 3 kanna and 2 other jobs running right now; all will be ready to bot soon.
  6. Danito

    Danito Informed Hacker

    Daily profit log, day 24th Decembre 2016

    Time: 6 hours
    Server: Reboot
    Pure mesos made: 1b
    Levels gained: 1 ~ 170
    Job: Blaster
  7. Leadsamich

    Leadsamich Premium Premium Member

    Daily profit log, day 1

    Time: 24 hours... many, many d/cs, 1-2 times every 5 minutes. Crash every 30-60 minutes
    Date: 1/1/17
    Server: Khroa
    Pure mesos made: 400m
    Spell traces/leaves made: 18000+
    Noteable items: 35ish Chu Chu Island Symbols, 300+ Nodestones
    Levels gained: 3/4
    Job: DW

    Additional info: Hunting for nodes and Arcane Symbols. 2x event along with 2x drop coupon
  8. vSharpies

    vSharpies Prominent Hacker

    Daily Botting Info:

    Time: 24 Hours.
    Server: Windia
    Meso Per Min: 200k.
    Per hour: 12mil.
    15 hours = 180 mil.

    Double EXP/Drop (9 hours of 24)
    Meso Per Min: 389K
    9 hours = 210,060,000 meso.

    Total: ~390 mil.

    70% drop rate (60 with familiar 10 with inner)
    5% meso rate (inner ability).

  9. Zendaran4

    Zendaran4 Premium Premium Member

    Daily botting info

    time 15hr
    server: reboot
    Meso per min: 7m
    meso per hour: 400m-440m

    total made, 6.2b/54k spell traces
    noticable items: 2x 2% luk neb
  10. Mapleisp2w

    Mapleisp2w Fanatic Hacker

    time: 2 hours
    server: luna
    meso per hour: 1.5m
    made like 15 useless totems searching for incense burner totem ggz
  11. loaft

    loaft Premium Premium Member

    All these keeeds boosting numbers :joycat::joycat::joycat:
  12. Lightman

    Lightman Renown Hacker

    No bypass. No progress for past 3 days. :|
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  13. trumneasd

    trumneasd The New Guy

    which map pls tell me
  14. ScofieldLife

    ScofieldLife The New Guy

    Some one can give me a good bot?
  15. Lightman

    Lightman Renown Hacker

    If he did then it won't be deserted anymore. Just go to MP3/wolf spider/blackgate. On reboot you won't get banned.
  16. n131

    n131 Premium Premium Member

    Haven't posted any yet but here is my first from when i got Terminal lol.

    Hit the following levels on my characters

    202 - Blaze Wizard
    200 - Blaze Wizard
    215 - Blaster
    220 - Blaze Wizard
    216 - Kenisis
    210 - Bowmaster

    Also have gotten about 20bill mesos total, just started making mesos. Roughly about 2-4bill a day atm.

    I play Bera not Reboot

    I have 2 characters to do 5th job then i should be making 4-6bill a day hopefully.

    UPDATE :

    Blaster is now 221, Blaze wizard, 222, Kenisis 220.

    I have made a total of 50bill profit from farming and reselling and still going.

    Terminal is awesome.
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  17. Papapato

    Papapato Lurker

    Looks like about everyone is botting in reboot ;0
  18. n131

    n131 Premium Premium Member


    I feel alone over here in Bera. I need a guild for all my characters. Probably just going to make one.
  19. astigboy

    astigboy Premium Premium Member

    0-248 wh windia xD total time 2weeks

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