Demon Slayer ND Attack

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  1. LtzKeith

    LtzKeith The New Guy

    Well...I've been using this quite stable and it might help people out quite a bit :)

    SI + ND 31101004 (Vengeance damage)

    Run around and your regular att becomes a machine gun (you can even spam auto att in nDev for example) Just like with any ND, make sure you do enough dmg to avoid crashes ...


    Enjoy !!!
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  2. erez531

    erez531 Veteran Hacker

    its stable ?
    i mean no DC or smtn ?
  3. yaskaran1

    yaskaran1 The New Guy

    How do I use this. Cheat engine?
  4. zikzik

    zikzik Premium Premium Member

    so if i understand it right this is not ment for bosses just for quick way to finish mobs
  5. LtzKeith

    LtzKeith The New Guy

    It's not 100% stable but it helps you blaze through levels untill you get Carrion Breath. I use it in bursts while running around

    You can use both nDev trainer or Terminal

    That is mostly correct
  6. slamslice

    slamslice Veteran Hacker

    i dont get what we need to do, make a script with this info or?
  7. madilyn

    madilyn The New Guy

    how would u use it in NDev?
  8. unjunjwj

    unjunjwj The New Guy

    Use nDev GMS Trainer. Smooth like butter

    Copy and paste the code 31101004 into skill injection box. The rest is history
  9. tyler7687

    tyler7687 The New Guy

    Can carrion breath be used no delay on dev?
  10. shiw

    shiw Informed Hacker

    It doesnt seem to work at all for me when i SI+GND 31101004
  11. LtzKeith

    LtzKeith The New Guy

    It's not 100% stable, but you can use it in bursts if you kill mobs fast enough. For later levels you're better off doing ND for 3st stage demon lash (31001008)
  12. Wigsley

    Wigsley Premium Premium Member

    Is carrion breath GND?
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    Also thank you :)
  13. LtzKeith

    LtzKeith The New Guy

    No, it's low delay. Like 35ms :)
  14. qwiojdqowij

    qwiojdqowij Informed Hacker

    there is any trainer working atm maple NA? right now? free!? 02.12.2016
  15. xShadowDrift

    xShadowDrift Premium Premium Member

    dont use it, u will get banned if you use it consistently
  16. davidx41

    davidx41 Informed Hacker

    will i get banned for it?
  17. Ryuretsu

    Ryuretsu The New Guy

    how do i download the hack?
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  18. zikzik

    zikzik Premium Premium Member

    cheating is ban theres is no point in asking tbh you use 3rd party programs you most likely at some point get banned
  19. Idoed12300

    Idoed12300 Premium Premium Member

    Lol if you use terminal the chances you get banned are lowwww, the hack is just amazing
  20. Kloxic

    Kloxic Informed Hacker

    Does it work for someone? I tried it and it doesn't work

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