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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by nononononoo, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. nononononoo

    nononononoo Lurker

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    I dont know if anyone plays this game still but I do and sometimes the game gets super frustrating bcus of all the farming and high level monsters etc... Anyone that can bring back some DFO hacks like just simple stuff ex: mx hp/mp or godmode/ movmt speed (in town) and so forth would be awesome!,
    Or I am willing to learn how to code and bypass and all that cool stuff im just a normal kiddo that doesnt know anything about computers.. no hate.. but I would love to learn how all that works!
    Thanks yall GK4Life<3
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  2. ragna216

    ragna216 The New Guy

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    Mate, I still haven't encountered that difficulty in the game yet, am still new to the game (Avenger level 33), but sure, normal HP/MP/godmod hack could prove useful on the long run.
    walking fast in towns is a no no, if anyone saw you walking faster than then in towns it might result in a ban.
    although if you want my opinion the biggest problem is simply the stamina/fatigue meter being depleted fast and preventing you from lvling up.
    if anyone on Gamekiller can make a fix for these^ you have our thanks in advance.
  3. aznkid

    aznkid The New Guy

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    Still confirmation if the dfo hack works
  4. Saihko4

    Saihko4 Premium Premium

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    the gk dfo bot was discontinued a long time ago because it was too time consuming to maintain. that's what they said in the discord server. making the hack is the easy part but the in game detection system was good. anyways I don't think you will find any dfo hacks. there hasn't been one out for a long time even before the gk one now that gk one is gone I really doubt you will see one,.
  5. Thegaypower

    Thegaypower Lurker

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    pls pls plsp bring dfo hack back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want dfo hack pls.
  6. Ryandere

    Ryandere Lurker

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    Would be great to see a DFO hack engine c:

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