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Discussion in 'Referral Links' started by Bubblews, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. Bubblews

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    Hey GameKiller !
    I'm new here, and I'd like to start by posting this thread.

    Yes, it is possible to make 25$ in a week, but there is some work to do !

    And you need a PAYPAL account.

    When you have your Paypal account and you're Bubblews account, you can post your first 'News' by clicking Submit at the top of the page. Make it long ( 400 characters minimum ) and intresting.

    When that's done, go to the Home Page. You'll see the latest news. Click on them, like them. When that's done, click on the author's name and go to his profile. You need to " Connect to him ". Usually in the bottom of the page. Then, comment his profile with something like that : ' Connected ! If you like my post, I'll like yours :) '

    That's it ! Don't forget, you can only post 10 news a day.

    Good Luck !

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  2. Redneck

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    /Moved to the referall links section.
  3. DarkSerenity

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    Let me be honest I'm not judging you just the website.. Don't do it its a waste of time and they don't pay you, I tried it and got my first payment only and then they ignored almost all of their members.. not sure if they are now but I tried contacting them multiple of times..
  4. rockey4

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    Hi dude, can you provide us with any payment proof on this forum?

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