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Discussion in 'Legit Money Making' started by firwer123, Jul 11, 2015.

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  1. firwer123

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    Hi there GK Members, I'm here to share with you all a money making method, I promise and swear that it would work if you do it properly, the reason why I'm sharing it is because I wish that more people can get a chance to earn money out of it before it is gone (Yes, it is limited time only)

    Before I start, let me show you all the proof (So that I wouldn't be regarded as a cheater/liar/scammer :meh:

    I've received it about 3 days ago :awe: (Latest payment)
    Edit: I realise that the Payment proof is quite blur, please view it from instead

    Instructions (Please follow carefully, and also have some logical thinking skills)

    1. Basically, sign up on this website first:
    [Keep this in mind, if you are not using my referral link, you WILL NOT get an additional $10, because it is the company's policy, but of course, I wouldn't force you either]
    ($14 Cashback + $10 from me)

    2. After sign up, click this:

    3. Click "Get Cashback Now!"

    4. After clicking that, wait a sec and you would be redirected to a website

    5. Enter your email and sign up (If you had already signed up on this website, use ANOTHER new EMAIL!!)

    6. After you signed up and CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL, next thing is to buy ANY GIG from the website (Anything which you want :3)

    7. Click the gig you want and order

    8. Pay using Bitcoin/Paypal or some other payment processors (The price should only be $5.50)

    9. Now, after you ordered the item, just enjoy your item/wait for the seller to deliver it to you

    10. Wait for 1 day and you should have $24 reflected on your dashboard (The first website)
    ($14 Cashback + $10 from me)

    11. The payment would be in pending mode at first THEN after a few days later it should be confirmed

    12. AND FINALLY, YOU SHOULD BE AT PAYABLE MODE AFTER SOMETIME (Yes, it MIGHT GET a little long but worth it, because meanwhile, create more accounts and keep repeating the steps, you would earn quite alot of money!

    All the best, and don't be lazy! If you want to get a little richer, try this method, you would not regret, I promise because I've been paid! (I've earned $68 within 1-2 hours from it already!)
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  2. Redneck

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    I highlighted the parts of why I'm not going to bother trying this.
  3. Heretic

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    lmfaooooooooo read my damn mind

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