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Discussion in 'Chit-Chat & Community Discussion' started by alalal312, Nov 26, 2016.

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  1. alalal312

    alalal312 Veteran Hacker

    How's it going guys?

    Since 2006 when FB was released, millions on billions of people started using it.

    Facebook and social media in general made a huge impact on the online community since it was first released, and people even started dating over FB and whats not.

    Now days i'm not really using FB anymore, It's only discord or whatsapp for me, but i might just login for few minutes once in a while to have a little peek.

    What about you guys? which social media are you guys using now days?(if at all)

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  2. mero

    mero ▌● ▬ ●▐

    Discord and Reddit

    I can't go on facebook without seeing bad memes, bondage, and self-loathing. It is like everyone is competing to be the world's edgiest 24 year old.
  3. alalal312

    alalal312 Veteran Hacker

    True about FB, it has became a spamming zone x.x
  4. eeprom

    eeprom Informed Hacker

    MySpace, Line, TeamSpeak, FB(only if contest involved) same goes for Twitter etc. or else lurks.
  5. Size

    Size Elite Hacker

    Bebo,Twitch ,Facebook, Chaterbate,Younow
  6. shadowerace

    shadowerace Premium Premium Member

    Facebook and whatsapp. Since i'm still a uni student, these social media is the easiest way to contact each other
  7. Sifting

    Sifting Lurker

    Snapchat and Instagram only.. I gave up FB almost a year ago, it's nice.
  8. WhatIsHacks

    WhatIsHacks Premium Premium Member

    IG and Twitter only to follow people for music and stuff...

    Whatsapp is the main thing i use.
  9. Kepyou

    Kepyou The New Guy

    Hmm... FB and WhatsApp.
    They don't take too much of my free time, so I'm okay with them.
  10. neil320

    neil320 Informed Hacker

    Myspace still exists? lol

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