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    Account Security & General Safety Tips


    -Remove everyone on your contact list.
    -Delete all emails (even in the deleted folder).
    -Delete custom folders.
    -Change ALL your personal details to random.
    -Change Passwords/Pins to random.
    -Remove alternate email addresses.
    -Disable email forwarding.
    -Unregister from any sites that are connected to your email or change the email on the site to your new email.

    The reason for changing all this information is because the person buying your account can use this information to steal/recover emails/accounts of yours with the same information. If the buyer finds out that you're registered on other sites (from the inbox of your email), he can not only attain personal information from you there, but he will ALSO be able to change the passwords to all those sites you're registered to, from that email! So say goodbye to that Facebook ETC!

    Use a middle-man to ensure this has been done!

    -Remove excess currency/items off it.
    -Remove your friends off your buddy list.
    -Notify your friends of the trade.
    -Change the password/pin to something random.
    -Change any other personal info possible to random.

    People who buy your account sometimes will try and scam the people on your friends list (easy victims). The rest of the steps are pretty self explanatory, and you should understand why you must take these precautions.

    A Middle-Man will always ensure these steps have been taken just in case you forgot!
    Middle-Man Imitation Scams
    Out of all the scamming methods, imitation scams are the most commonly used. With the newest of the imitation scams, scamming has risen significantly. With every scam is a way to counter it though. Please follow these steps to ensure your safety when trading and using a middle-man!

    Imitation Emails: Ensure the MM's email is that of the middle-man himself! Just because his nickname on the instant messenger is that of the MM, does not mean the email is that of the real MM. Imitation emails can range from misplaced letters and symbols. Pay close attention and always PM the MM on GK first! If the MM denies to do so do not trade!

    Imitaion Hack: The newest of imitation scams, and also the hardest to detect. Scammers will invite you and a AFK middle-man to a group chat. What happens then is the scammer uses a hack which allows him to talk as the middle-man. You can guess what happens next. That's right... the scammer pretends he's the middle-man and takes all your items. How do you prevent this you ask? FUCKING PM ALL MIDDLE MEN ON GAMEKILLER FIRST TO BE SURE IT'S THEM!! End of story! There's no other way to prevent this unless you get an email confirmation.


    IMPORTANT Things To Remember
    -Never accept any files from a person you don't know or trust; don't even visit a website that they tell you to go to (especially if that website tells you to download something). Just use common sense when dealing with people over the internet, especially on hacking forums.

    Keep in mind, this guide is for the general public and does not show you all of the steps a middle-man takes when ensuring a trade goes smooth. There's so many other aspects that a Middle-Man has to take into account. Follow his directions and you will almost never encounter a scam. If you try and trade on your own; be prepared for horror stories.

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