Get 1$ Paypal to do one 5 minutes task !

Discussion in 'Legit Money Making' started by exilia123, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. exilia123

    exilia123 Informed Hacker

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    Hey everyone. I have a great offer for everyone out here. Anyone who have one or more IDevice ( Ipad, Ipod, Iphone ) So, the job is simpla and it takes like 5 minutes.

    Go to the App Store and download Photo Reward. Open the app, and log in.

    Then, in order to get the 1 dollar, you need to send it to me. How ? Bonus code.
    My Bonus Code gets me 1 $ +, so I'm able to pay you directly through Paypal !

    How to enter Bonus Code :
    The Bonus Code thingy is easy to find, it´s on the top of the first page. To be able to add a code, you need to get 100 points.
    1) Download one listed app.
    2) Try it for 1 minutes or more.
    3) Take a screenshot, then Upload it on the app !

    When done, add the Code : napbored

    To get the 1$ when all steps done, comment here with your :

    Paypal adress
    Photo Reward Code ( Find it in the *Invite Friends* )

    Hope we'll all make money together !

    For assistance, add me on skype : masterlost_pumpkins

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  2. DougieWuggie

    DougieWuggie Prominent Hacker

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    I'd rather boil my hands for a dollar than attempt to follow these shitty instructions.
  3. ginobush8

    ginobush8 The New Guy

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    Seems legit I think il do it ? :D
  4. rockey4

    rockey4 The New Guy

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    Does it really work? I'll try it out in future. I've no iPhone at the moment.
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