Good Spots For Casual Hacking?

Discussion in 'Global MapleStory Tutorials & Guides' started by kevin42, Oct 13, 2016.

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  1. Shiruoo

    Shiruoo Premium Premium Member

    Yep. No more private channels D:

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  2. soqhemy

    soqhemy The New Guy

    Are you trying to farm mesos or gear?

    I have a blaze wizard so it might be different for you.

    For bosses, I use no delay and fma with the extinction skill. It kills hard bosses in no time.

    for mesos, I moved to scrapyard hill 3. I found there was less foot traffic there. I got about 60m per hour. I didn't really car if it was efficient or not. I left the bot on for a day once. Everyone will tell you do not bot in a popular map. If you want to farm mesos, You would probably need meso gear and a kanna.

    most of the time right now I just go around with FMA and doing all the quests i need. Its alot easier with fma..
  3. randomrandy

    randomrandy Premium Premium Member

    for lvling the mapleguide is very good, all the places it suggest are decent xp to lvl up quickly. just move some portals ahead so u wont meet many other poeple
  4. Djoeka

    Djoeka The New Guy

    Yea, but don't stay in those maps where you get teleported to. The chance is high that someone might see you then
  5. icecalltt

    icecalltt The New Guy

    does anyone have a guide for 50-150
  6. mGavin

    mGavin The New Guy

    You'll have to find spots yourself, Nexon..
  7. Mavet La Aravim

    Mavet La Aravim The New Guy

    You just need to take a look around and test maps a bit until you find a decent one.
  8. soqhemy

    soqhemy The New Guy

    check the maplestory in game guide. That is a good spot to start searching for a place.
  9. paullylee

    paullylee The New Guy

    are the wolf spiders still a good place to farm for lower levels?
  10. harry12

    harry12 The New Guy

    i just used maple guide and im in reboot
  11. ScottC44

    ScottC44 The New Guy

    I have no idea what to do now when I hit lvl 100 haha
  12. Brayden

    Brayden Lurker

    sounds like a good idea cheers
  13. GottaKillYou

    GottaKillYou The New Guy

    i doubtpeople will tell you good spots
  14. ruddy98

    ruddy98 Lurker

    Pretty much just go anywhere that isn't the popular spot for that level range
  15. hackermuler

    hackermuler The New Guy

    Future ereve is pretty good, hall of honor
  16. kfceater

    kfceater Lurker

    Stronghold is pretty good

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