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    Hello all.

    I am Dustin! NIce to meet y'all.

    Have been lurking for a few weeks, finally pulled the trigger & going to start posting and being active.

    I'm 99% sure y'all know why I am here - My reason is the same as 99% of the community. Bots & Money!

    Now, I am not new to the scene. I am just new to the community!
    & you guessed it! Maplestory!

    My goal here is to learn all of GKs techniques.
    I have purchased the GK Premium for Maplestory to give it a try.

    In the past, I've used a few private bots that are for the same reason as GKs.
    Although, GKs is by far the best out there.

    What caught my eye is the unlimited clients. SOLD
    I am switching to GKs JUST because of the unlimited clients.
    over the next few weeks i will be getting everything set up. My profile, Shop, & best of all - Server box.

    Now, I am not sure if this would will work but that is what i am going to find out.
    I am a systems admin @ a datacenter and recently we upgraded all of our Windows server boxes with newer, top of the line boxes. Since we upgraded, We had no use for all of our old server boxes. I was lucky enough to be able to acquire 8 boxes for personal use. As in, take home and do what you wish with them. These boxes ran 2,500 servers a box. Ranging from web hosting, game servers & FTP servers. I know what you might be thinking - But Dustin, Your electric bill is going to be insane! Wrong! The boxes we use are insanely cheap when it comes to electricity.

    I am going to begin setup of the boxes as early as next week.
    Just need to do a few tests and find out a bit of information first.
    As in - Making sure GK will run ATLEAST 100 clients as once. This is my minimum test.
    If I so wanted too, I could get about 500 clients per box before it would start to bog down & run slow.
    I am running business grade google fiber internet.

    The next test would be to make sure that I wouldn't get a HW ban from running so many copies
    Because there are MULTIPLE pieces of the same HW in these boxes.

    That's all I shall reveal for now.
    Stick around, Message me, & say hey!

    I will also be updating my profile later in the week with all my contact information. Pricing, & ect.

    The only thing that i will be struggling with is Graphics.
    I do not want to open an account & meso shop and it just contain a wall of text like this introduction thread.

    If you are skilled in the graphic design department & would like to contribute then please shoot me a PM. Until i get my other forms of contact setup, sending me a PM would be the best way to get a hold of me. I visit multiple times a day - So don't worry about me disappearing and being unable to reach me.

    Also, If you have other ideas that you would be willing to share that are not GFX related, then again feel free to shoot me a PM. At some point i will need a partner or two to help manage the sheer volume of meso \ accounts.

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