[Guide] How to Properly Ban Evade on MapleRoyals

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    Please if you have been banned before on Royals, read this guide really carefully, there's a solution for why you keep getting banned over and over again.

    About over a year ago MapleRoyals introduced another method to their "hwid" bans, this is called VolumeID. VolumeID is very common in programs on windows platform, for example Mega Cloud Sync uses VolumeID to identify any changes to your drives. VolumeID is a very robust way to ban players that are not so tech-savvy, Royals lets you login with banned VolumeID, but they WILL ban you later for using it. I'm surprised that there's not a guide on how to evade this VolumeID ban, so I decided to make one really spoonfed guide.

    So here's a guide on how to evade properly on Mapleroyals.

    1. Download and install a program called Technitium Mac Address Changer (TMAC). You can find it by googling.

    2. Download VolumeID V 2.1 from Microsoft.com Link

    3. Copy the contents of VolumeID.zip to your desired location, I prefer mine to be at C:\VolumeID

    4. Open a Command Prompt as ADMIN and change the directory to your VolumeId location, In my case the command would be "cd C:\VolumeID"

    5. Now that you're in VolumeID folder, type in "Volumeid.exe C: XXXX-XXXX" Change the C: to your own hard drive letter. The X's in this command have to be changed to your desired VolumeID, you can use numbers from 1-9 and letters from A-F. So an example VolumeID would be "E27F-293D". Run the command and restart your pc, and your VolumeID has now been changed. You can check the changes by typing command "vol".

    6. For changing Mac Address I'm just gonna post an image of my old ban evade guide because it's still relevant.
    To change VPN adapters Mac Address, go to Network and Sharing Center-> Change Adapter Settings-> Find anything that says TAP adapter->Right click and choose properties->Advanced-> MAC Address-> Type your mac address to the box.

    7. You can change your IP by restarting your router or leaving it off overnight, if this does not work then it means you have a static IP and you need to purchase a VPN service. VPN services are relatively cheap & fast nowadays. Do some research which VPN services have the most servers near you and choose that service. Remember to change the Mac Address to it as instructed above.

    That's really all there is to it, really simple.

    This was a really fast written guide, I will update any errors I see later.
    Enjoy and ask freely any questions and I answer when I can.​
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