helvetican space smudge tutorial. <3

Discussion in 'GFX Tutorials' started by helvetica, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. ruifcp

    ruifcp Lurker

    I like it ^^
    thanks for this ;3

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  2. iTzIpod

    iTzIpod Game Assassin

    It looks so cool. Although can I ask for this render? I will give it a shot.
  3. helvetica

    helvetica SHOP@HOME LLC

  4. FlurZero

    FlurZero über Hacker

    Re: helvetican space smudge tutorial. &lt;3

    why is it everytime I try out a tutorial, mine always looks 100x worse that whats its supposed to look like?

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    If you want the brushes, I'm not sure if there the same ones but they work.

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